What is the Age limit for Everest Base Camp trek


More than 30,000 tourists trek to Everest Base Camp in a year. Among them, there will be definitely different age groups. But the questions is i.e which is the minimum age and maximum age to trek in Everest Base Camp. Is there any age limit for Everest Base Camp? Heres your answer.

Is there an age limit for Everest Base Camp trek?

As long as you are physically & mentally fit, there is no age limit for Everest Base Camp trek.

To date, a seven-year-old child & seventy-year-old person has already trekked in Everest Base Camp. But this doesn’t mean that everyone within this age group can trek to Everest Base Camp.

Setting an age limit for Everest Base Camp trek is just for health concern to keep trekkers safe from possibilities of high altitudes problems.

Because we want every foreigner to have a safe & comfortable trek in Nepal with full pleasure and to spend quality time.

Normally, children trekking to Everest Base Camp (EBC) must be equal to or more than ten years old. Because a young kid is vulnerable to many possible dangers that may occur in Everest Base Camp like altitude sickness, coldness, dehydration, etc.

Also, they are not as fit as normal age people and, of course, Everest Base Camp is a difficult trek which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, safety comes first, so it is always better to be cautious.


Which can be the best trek for kids & old people?

In case such young kids want to trek in Nepal then they can go for other trekking destinations like Poonhill trek, Mustang trek, Langtang trek which are more easy as compared to EBC. They offer you a perfect trekking experience with stunning mountain views.

The same goes for elderly people too. It is highly recommended to trek in Everest base camp only if you are below sixty years old with good fitness.

After the age of sixty, it may be difficult to adjust to the higher altitude since the max altitude in the Everest Base camp goes to 5,545m (18,200ft).

What should I do before trekking?


Be Physically Fit!

Yes, without a doubt Everest Base Camp is the most popular trekking destination in the world. Lukla airport, Namche Bazar, Tengboche Monastery are some of the major attractions of EBC. Everybody knows it.

But being the highest base camp in the world, it is definitely a difficult trek as well. The cold temperature, unpredictable weather, ups & downs, rough trials make this trek a challenging & most thrilling at the same time.

So do you think you are physically fit for this trek? If not then start your exercise, go hiking, play sports, do some yogas etc to be physically fit.

And for the bonus tips

Choose the best time to trek in Everest Base Camp. EBC will not welcome you with perfect weather throughout the year. Autumn ( Oct-Dec) & Spring ( March-June) is the only ideal time to go trekking in Everest base camp. During this time the temperatures will be mild, the weather will be relatively stable, the skies will be crystal clear with no dust or humidity & the view of mountains will look breathtaking. So, you may now know the age limit for Everest Base Camp as well as some ideas. For more information, you can send mail to info@pristinenepal.com, because “We are there for you”.

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