For the most countries of the world a Visa On Arrival can be obtain at the airport.
All you have to bring is credit card or some cash to pay the visa fee:

  • 15 Days = 30 USD
  • 30 Days = 50 USD

There is no longer a picture required as there are now computer kiosks which will take a picture of you digitally.
It will ask for your home address and some additional data, especially a first address in Nepal.
So the only thing you really have to prepare is having an address you intend to stay, a valid passport and enough money to pay the fee and you are ready to get your visa!

As regulation can change or be different regarding the nationality, please always double check with the Nepal Immigration.

If there are any question left or you want to have more details or you need support with your Visa for Nepal – contact us!

Stay safe and enjoy discovering Pristine Nepal!