Welcome to Pristine Nepal Treks & Expedition, your go-to local trekking agency for unforgettable experiences in the Himalayan Region.

Pristine Nepal Treks and Expedition is a government-certified and verified local trekking agency that has been actively providing excellent services since 2017 AD. We are passionate about showcasing the mother nature & cultural diversity of Nepal while promoting sustainable tourism practices.

“A sole motive of providing elegant trekking, tour, and expedition services to every tourist who sees Nepal as a beautiful destination while keeping safety as top priority.”

Whether you are an avid traveler or a first-time adventurer, we will always offer our help, a wide range of customizable packages that cater to your interests & fitness level.

From the majestic Everest Base Camp Trek to the off-the-beaten trail in Kanchenjunga, we guarantee to provide a safe, authentic & personalized journey that exceeds your expectations.

So why wait? Join our family who is highly dedicated individuals who have devoted their lives to a better and sustainable Tourism Industry in Nepal. Get in touch with our highly experienced, fluent English-speaking, friendly, and very cooperative guides with A-grade ratings from NATHM and NMA.

“Book your trek with Pristine Nepal Treks & discover the magic of Himalayas”

Why Trek with Pristine Nepal Treks and Expedition?

At Pristine Nepal Treks, we understand that trekking is not just about reaching the summit, taking pictures, or crossing off a bucket list item. It’s about immersing yourself in the beauty of nature, and the rich culture of locals, & making an unforgettable experience.

However, talking big is not only the way to prove that we are the best. Thus, here are some reasons that you may consider why trek with Pristine Nepal Trek – a local trekking agency:

Experts Guide:

Guides are the guardian on the trail who will guide you, protect you, and teach you. And our expert guide is exactly the same.
Our Team of experienced guides with more than 5-10 years are not just knowledgeable about the trails, but also about the local culture, history, & customs.

Sustainable Tourism:

As an eco-friendly trekking agency, we are committed to promoting responsible & sustainable tourism practices. We take every step possible to reduce the impact on the environment by following the “Leave No Trace” rule, minimizing waste & supporting conservation efforts.

We also promote using biodegradable products and help to benefit the local communities.

Affordable Prices:

We started Pristine Nepal Treks as a budget-friendly company because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the wonders of trekking in Nepal. We also do not go too low while cutting good services or putting clients’ life at risk.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we provide good services on a budget to ensure that everyone can have a safe & fun trekking experience.

Family Environment:

From the moment you believe us to the end of your trek, we strive to provide warm welcoming & attentive service that will make you feel like part of the Pristine Nepal Treks family.

We will be 24/7 reachable, and we will always watch you because we care about our family. Your satisfaction means that we were able to provide you with unforgettable memories with us.

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“We love talking with good people like you”

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