Some useful rules and regulations
  • Avoid giving money to the children because it will contribute to them leaving school.
  • Ask for permission before snapping pictures of people because it won’t hurt asking, isn’t it?
  • Respect the local traditions and customs of Nepal and in return, you will be helped by everyone.
  • If you are doing volunteering then use a proper dress code so that it won’t affect others.
  • Don’t walk alone at night and avoid drinking or smoking in the street.
  • Be alert, be safe.
Some useful Nepali Words which can help you anywhere in Nepal

English —— Nepali

Hello —– Namaste                                                       
Sorry —– Maf Garnu Hos
Beautiful —– Ramro
Tasty —– Mitho Cha
Yes —— Hajur  
See You Again —– Feri Vetaula
Thank You  —— Dhanyabad