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Everybody loves traveling, taking challenges and doing something new in their life. The best way to get new experience in life is from nature. The more you travel the more you gain experience in your life. However, to travel, you should be physically fit and mentally prepared. Physically fit doesn’t mean that you have to do hard works. It means that you shouldn’t have a fitness problem. And if you want to trek in Everest then you should consider some of the physical fitness for Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp is the main destination where you can get all those loves from nature in your life. Nature fills your life with lots of joy and it’s a sure thing you want to travel. Similarly, maintaining your physical is most important while trekking or traveling.

Likewise, today, let’s talk about the fitness you have to maintain before trekking in Everest Base Camp. Similarly, let’s talk about some FAQ about fitness problems.

Who can trek to Everest Base Camp?


Being the highest base camp in the world, Everest Base Camp is also a difficult trek in the world. To trek in this area, there are many factors you have to meet. Physical and mental fitness is one of the most important things you will need.

Of course, more physically & mentally fit you’re, the easier your trek will be. Every fit person can trek Everest Base Camp and also there is no age limit for a fit person.

However, most people think that being fit means to maintain a healthy weight with diet and doing some exercises. Whereas in biological terms being fit means being able to provide for one’s own life and wellbeing. The fittest are those who can do so the best.

If you are a sporty person or do some yoga/exercise on a daily basis then this trek might be just a cup of tea for you. Although for altitude sickness, you can do is eat well, walk slow and sleep well.

Therefore, it depends upon you, how you are maintaining your physical and mental conditions. Even if you are not physical fitness then you can trek with proper instruction from your tour operator.

I am 50 over: Can I trek to Everest base camp?

For this trek, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 50 or 60 over until you’re physically and mentally fit. Also, the Everest Base Camp trek doesn’t have any age limitation.

Just remember that you shouldn’t have any health issues or having any kind of powerful medicines. And also if you’re 50-over make sure to walk slowly and eat very well during the trek. When trekking, you don’t have to walk fast because slow & steady is the best tip.

Acclimatization day and resting is the main priority you should give. Similarly, the best equipment for elderly trekkers in Nepal is the trekking poles. Trekking poles help you to take off the burden of your knees making easier to walk.

But before attempting Everest Base Camp trek, visiting doctor for physical examination might be a good idea. Also, don’t forget to hire a guide for more information and as you’re elder you mustn’t take a chance of losing any kind of informations.

What are the requirements of physical fitness for Everest base camp trek?


Physical fitness is the ability to perform sports, occupations and daily activities in your life. It is achieved through proper nutrition, exercise and proper rest.

Although Everest Base Camp is a non-technical trek that requires no mountaineering experience, this trek is accessible to most people with a good fitness level.

Everest Base Camp trek requires physical fitness because trekking over 3000m above gives you a lot of challenges. But it can be overcome through a few weeks or months of prior training/exercise. So, this article will help you to know about what kind of physical fitness is required for Everest Base Camp trek.



Hiking is the most important activity before Everest Base Camp trek. From hiking, you can get used to of slow pace and you will know how it feels to walk uphill. If you do 2/3 hikes of 5/6hours along with a light backpack than you should be fine for actual trek.

Aerobic Training


Aerobic training is a kind of compulsory for this Everest Base Camp trek because this training will help you to cope with the high altitude in the Everest region.

After trekking at an accommodating place, the high altitude makes you breathe quite harder and makes you feel tired very soon. So, exercising under low oxygen conditions and training your body to optimize its oxygen intake per breath is a great way of making trek wonderful.

Mental Fitness for Everest Base Camp

If you’re physically fit but you’re not mentally ready for Everest Base Camp then you might get physically weak too. While trekking, sometimes you might feel hopeless and want to give up the whole trek. In that situation, your mental fitness plays important role to complete your trek.

Mental fitness is the most important key point to lead you towards the Everest Base Camp. It gives you the power to overcome all the fear you might get while trekking.

I have an asthma problem: Can I trek to Everest base camp?


Asthma is the long-term inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs which has no cure.
Everest Base Camp is the dream for most of the people all over the world. And there is no direct evidence that asthma patients can trek to Everest Base Camp or not.

However, you can find some people who trekked to the Everest region despite being an asthma patient. Satyarup Siddhanta is the best example for now who has success. Being asthmatic he only didn’t climb Mt. Everest summit but also became the first Indian to climb seven summits also. He believed that he can overcome his disease and trained himself for seven years and was finally able to go for his first trek in 2008 without an inhaler.

But that doesn’t mean being asthma patient you can trek to Everest Base Camp. You should be physically fit as well as you must visit your doctor before this trek.

Make sure what should/shouldn’t be done and don’t forget to carry everything you need i.e. inhaler, any steroids you use or anti-biotics.
You must wear a trekking buff also.

In high altitude areas, you’ll find more dust which may increase your irritations. So, wearing buff helps your airways heats up the air that you breathe in and helps to reduce the irritation from dust in the air.

Finally, you must have a positive attitude i.e. have to see trek from positive angles and be smart. You must have self-confident and as you’re asthmatic, your trek depends on how you approach trek.

I have high blood pressure: Can I trek to Everest base camp?

About Fitness for Everest Base Camp

Like I said before, Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most physically tough treks of Nepal. As long as you can control your blood pressure with the help of medicines than there is no problem with this trek.

However, you must consult your doctor before trekking and take advice.
Although there is no direct evidence about whether high blood pressure can trek for Everest Base Camp or not. In Aug27, 2014 Italian researchers found that blood pressure steadily increases if you ascend to a great height.

But as you’ll trek downwards your blood pressure will decrease slowly.

This blood pressure increases due to several factors. The most important is the effect on oxygen, increase the activity of the body, especially the nervous system. This leads to the heart to work harder and the peripheral vessels start constricting.

If you want to trek to Everest Base Camp despite having high blood pressure then you must consult your doctor. Similarly, always walk at your own pace and rest very well.

I have never been to high altitude: Can I trek to Everest base camp?

If your physical fitness is good and doing exercise on a daily basis then there must be no problem for Everest Base Camp trek.

Though high altitude is the major challenge of this trekking. If you haven’t been to the high altitude before it’s better to do some training like; hiking, jogging, and aerobic training. These training might give you some glimpse of how it’ll feel during the trek and also helps to build your confidence level.

Also, you’ll have your guide for Everest Base Camp and obviously they won’t let you be hopeless and demotivated. They’ll be with you in every obstacle of yours during trekking.

But be sure to read about the symptoms of altitude sickness so that you can acclimatization the techniques before embarking on the trek. It’s like prevention is better than cure.

Can I trek to Everest base camp with my children?


Most people think that Everest Base Camp trek with a child is impossible but that’s not true. Many trekkers have trekked Everest Base Camp with their child who was 9 years old above.

Similarly, lots of records can be found from 5 years old children everywhere. At just six and seven years old on their first ascent, Rosie and Freddie from London reached Everest Base Camp with their parents without any difficulties.

While trekking, don’t forget to tell your children to express how he/she is feeling. Obviously high altitude sickness is the major problem of this trek and being parents don’t forget to knowledge your child about symptoms and prevention of high altitude sickness.

With children, it’s better to trek in spring (march-may) because during this season there is no chance of rain. And high passes are snow-free which will make your trek quite easier as you’re with your children.

Also, in this season days and nights are neither hot nor cold with the clean sky and offers you a clear view of mountains all time while trekking.

Is it possible to do horse riding to the EBC?

About Fitness for Everest Base Camp

Many people seem to be confused about whether a horse can ride to high altitudes or not?

So, for a trek to Everest Base Camp, local horses of the Everest region are used. Just like Sherpas in those areas, the local horses also have adapted the environment.

Horse riding to Everest Base Camp is a unique adventure in Nepal. It allows travelers to have a thrilling experience of riding a horse and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of mountains.

This horse riding trek to Everest Base Camp provides an opportunity for those who don’t have enough time to trek but wants to evaluate the Everest region.

Horse riding to Everest Base camp gives you an opportunity to evaluate Dudhkoshi river and ride towards the famous town “Namchebazar”. The trekker will come across monasteries stupas, Sherpa village and beautiful landscape throughout the trek.

Do we need an oxygen bottle for the Everest base camp trek?

More high you’ll be trekking more difficulties you’ll find to breathe and you have to be aware of high altitude sickness.

Normally you don’t need oxygen tanks/cans for Everest Base Camp trek. And yeah you’ll have difficulties in breathing doesn’t mean that you have to take oxygen tanks.

At high altitude areas, you just have to walk slow, eat well and sleep well. You must be aware of high altitude symptoms and preventions. Also, having normal symptoms of high altitude is very common which includes; Hyperventilation (extra breathing), increased urination, restless sleep and periodic breathing at night.

This are some physical fitness for Everest Base Camp you should consider. If you are confused about other problems then send mail to info@pristinenepal.com.

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