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Ultimate Guide to Buying and Renting Trekking Gear in Kathmandu


Trekking is a thrilling adventure that allows us to connect with nature, challenge ourselves, and discover new horizons. Whether you’re an avid trekker or a beginner taking your first steps on the trail, one thing remains constant: the significance of proper trekking gear. In this …

Can I stay overnight at the Everest Base Camp during the Trek?


Nestled in the heart of the mighty Himalayas, the Everest Base Camp Trek, or EBC for short, stands as an emblem of adventure and discovery, enticing thousands of intrepid trekkers from around the globe every year. This extraordinary journey takes enthusiasts through breathtaking landscapes, across …

Epic 10 Most Challenging Treks in Nepal: Hardcore Adventure


Although Nepal is narrowed to a 147516 km2 area. The natural beauty Nepal has to offer is limitless. Nepal’s unique combination of diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and awe-inspiring mountainvistas offer a wide range of trekking experiences suitable for trekkers of all levels which makes …