Where is Kathmandu located?

Where is Kathmandu located

Kathmandu is located in the country of Nepal which lies in South Asia between the great nation India and China. According to the census year 2011; it is the home of 1.3 million local people and nearly another 3 million people from all over the country and also; the capital city of Nepal.

It is a well-developed city of Nepal which consists of one International Airport, 5* Hotels, good restaurants, pubs, cafés, department stores, and many more. Similarly, the main crowded tourists’ area in Kathmandu is Thamel and it is the place of luxuries for tourists. And most of the visitors usually stay in these beautiful Thamel are.

You can also visit some World Heritage Sites as well as learn unique cultures and traditions inside Kathmandu valley. And this beautiful place is located between Great Himalaya on the north and Mahabharata range in the south with an altitude of 1,335m above the sea level.

What are the cool things you can do in Kathmandu?

Kathmandu is full of wonders where you can get lots of surprises & can do lots of cool things. But when visiting Kathmandu, most people usually get disappointment due to pollution & traffic for a while. However, to be the truth, Kathmandu is like an ocean where you can find lots of treasures. And there can be bad sides when searching the treasures also. You just have to look for these treasures like:

Visit World Heritage sites in Kathmandu:

The first thing you can do in Kathmandu is visiting the World Heritage Sites that are pristine (untouched) & mystical. The first place you will need to visit is :

Boudhanath Stupa: It is one of the mystical place located in Kathmandu listed as the World Heritage Site. Most of Buddhist people usually visit this place every day as well as tourists. But the entrance fee for the tourist is NPR 200 ($2). I really recommend you to visit this place once when visiting Kathmandu because it will make your soul peaceful.

Pashupatinath Temple: This temple is one of the remarkable wonders of Nepal devoted to Hindu religious. It is also one of the World Heritage Site located in Kathmandu. This temple is also one of the pristine & precious treasures of Nepal where many unfold truths are hidden.

Swayambhunath Stupa: It is another World Heritage Sites located in Kathmandu about 3.5km away from Thamel. This place is also one of the mystical places where Buddhist pilgrimage visits every day.

Visit the Royal Durbar Square:

The nearest and popular place in Kathmandu is the Royal Durbar Square. But unfortunately. due to the earthquake of 2015, most of the temples/buildings were destroyed. However, it is under construction with the same architecture to meet the 16th-century architecture. And as for the good news, it will be completed within 2 years.

If you are tourists & want to explore Durbar Square then you will need to pay NPR750 ($7).

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Explore the Thamel area:

Thamel area is mainly designed to meet the customer ( tourist) needs. Usually, when a new tourist visits Kathmandu city, they go for the Thamel area to stay. Because it is filled with lots of interesting places, all types of stores, restaurants, hotels and many more. To be precise, you can find everything in this area.

Similarly, this place looks very beautiful & attractive at night. And usually, at the time of festivals, this place gets highly crowded with tourists. If you want to buy a souvenir then it’s the best market. And you can also find lot’s of tour-operator & ticketing place so that you can book anytime.

Moreover, I recommend you to taste foods in this place because you can find different types of foods. And most of the foods are from Nepali cultures which are different & unique.

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