Gokyo Lake


If you want to witness the heavenly beauties in Nepal then you might want to go Gokyo Lake once in a lifetime..This place is believed to be a sacred place and you can nullify your guilt here. This place is located in the Everest Region of Nepal.

Where is Gokyo Lake?

Gokyo Lake

Gokyo Lake is located in Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality, Solukhumbu district of Nepal on North- East Nepal with an altitude of 4,700m to 5,000m. There are 6 different lakes in Gokyo valley which are Glokyo Cho, Gyazumoa Cho, Tanjung Cho, Ngozumpa Cho, and Longbanga Cho whereas they are in different elevation. The largest lake among them is Thonak Cho with an area of 160.8 acres also known as Gokyo Lake.

Its wetland is associated with Ramsar Site in 2007. It is five days uphill; walking distance from Lukla. This lake is considered as the holy lake/sacred lake among Hindus and Buddhists. Similarly, every year thousands of tourists visit here.

Weathers in Gokyo Lake


If you want to trek in Gokyo Lake then its best to check the best season first. But the weather here is always unpredictable even in the best season. However, the best time to trek in Gokyo Lake is in Autumn and Spring season. Autumn season falls in Sep-Nov which is also called a peak season in Nepal. In autumn season the weather gets very clear and you will be able to see the mountains clearly but this month is considered as rushed hour season.

Likewise, spring season falls under March to May which is also the best season to do trekking. The weather gets warm and sunny in this season but there are possibilities for extreme cold in this season due to snow. The best tips for trekking in Gokyo Lake is; always keep an eye on the cloud.

March 19-June 20-4°C to 6.2°CSpring season
June 21- Sep 224.7°C to 6.8°CSummer season
Sep 23- Dec 21-6.7°C to -4.7°CAutumn season
Dec 22- March 20-9°C to -4°CWinter season

This temperature is the average temperature in Gokyo Lake. It can be increased or decreased according to the weather.

The religious significance:


Both Hindu and Buddhist people respect it as religious site/sacred place. It is not allowed to kill any animal in this holy land. They believe it is a home of “Nag” which means the king of the snake and considered as a god in Nepal and India.

Every year Hindu pilgrimages travel here to celebrate “Janai Purnima” in the month of August as well as take a bath here. It is believed that taking a bath in here gives you Moksha or liberation according to Sanskrit.

Demand among Tourist

It is the most important place in the Khumbu region and famous trekking site for all the travelers. It offers a panorama view of Himalayan ranges and beautiful landscapes. This place is also the shelter for many endangered birds and wildlife. Therefore, trekkers and climbers visit this area to see its beauty and wildlife also.

It is recommended to stay here for two days to fully take all the pleasure of beauty and to explore around the valley including the lakes. After the exploration, the best route to head back Namche Bazar is from the Thangnak through the Cho La pass-5,420m.

Trekking in Gokyo Lake


Gokyo Lake is the famous place for nature lovers due to its panorama view of the Himalayas, Everest, flora & fauna, and the most beautiful sacred lake. Trekking here is high demand within travelers nowadays. Furthermore, when reaching the top of Gokyo Ri, you will see the other four highest mountains which are Mt. Everest 8,848m, Lhotse 8,516m, Makalu 8,463m and Cho Oyu 8,201m including other mountains.

When trekking in Gokyo Lake you will get excellent accommodations, 3 meals-cultural, Indian, continental, Chinese etc and it’s very cheap. You can get 12 days trekking at just $1,050. For more info about the trekking routes, cost, itinerary and free gifts then you can send mail to info@pristinenepal.com

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