Best guide in Nepal

Hari Rai is an excellent, honest, educated, and dedicated tourist guide. He is the best trekking guide in Nepal. He was born in 1985 in Solukhumbu, Nepal.  Solukhumbu is one of the very remote parts of Nepal. The highest peak Mount Everest also situated in this district. Lukla to Everest base camp area is much developed in Solukhumbu district due to tourism. But other parts of Solukhumbu are really remote and people are backward. So Mr. Rai also grew up in a poor family with loads of struggle.

He has an amazing life story. He went to Pokhara by following his brother who used to work as a trekking guide.  He finished school in Pokhara. Unluckily, he could not have his big brother that long.  Mr. Rai struggled at his very young age to survive. He is a very hard-working and dedicated person. He started to work in the trekking field and studying continues. He finished his Bachelor of Art and a Masters in Tourism Studies.  He has been working as a trekking and tour guide for a long time.

Pristine Nepal Treks and expedition are proud to have such a gentle guide in the team. We hope he will do his best in the future. And will be a pillar of Pristine Nepal Treks & Expedition. Of course best guide in Nepal.