Nepali guide and porter

So, what is Nepali Guide and Porter? and why they are different from other guides in the world? Witnesses have said that they are the strongest people in the world that have carried even 100kg+

So, find yourself who are they and why are they important.

What is Nepali Guide and Porter?

First of all, a guide is a person who is responsible to show you the place or a particular route and gives total information to visitors. This is what people know about the definition of a guide.

But in Nepal, it’s totally different about guides as well as porters.

In Nepal, there are two types of guides which are the tour guides and trekking guides. But we will talk about the trekking guide which may be new for you.

Nepali guide and porter are those, who know how to describe the culture, religions, and traditions of the country. They are those people who know about mountaineering and have survived even in high altitudes

High altitude means below 8,848m mountains. Similarly, porters are also the same as guides in Nepal. And that is why the Nepali guide and porter are different from other regular guides.

Most of the guides & porter are from rural areas from high mountains who have adopted the atmosphere there. That is why they can handle heavy loads weighing 50 to even 100 pounds as well as the low oxygen levels in the Mountains.

Why do you need Guide & Porter in Everest Base Camp trek?


Everest Base Camp trek is known as the best adventure trek as well as the hardest trek all over the world. This trek is the way to the tallest mountain of the world, Mt Everest. But, we will talk about the EBC only which is at the 5,364m altitude.

Everest Base Camp trek is a chance to experience Himalaya peaks flawlessly. But, without guides & porters in EBC, it will be nearly impossible for you to trek.

Likewise, there are many cases where Trekkers have to return without reaching EBC, lost cases and even health problems. And this is due to not taking any guides & porters of Nepal.

Therefore, when trekking to EBC, you will face many problems like bad weather, AMS sickness, frauds, thefts or other health issues. Similarly, EBC trek will take a minimum of 14 days and for 14 days, it will be impossible to carry the bag yourself.

Hiring a porter will make your journey comfortable because they will carry your bag. And guides will help you to complete your trip with care.

So, here’s two things you can choose i.e. Do you want to pay Helicopter evacuation when doing solo trekking? or Do you want to pay less for Guides & Porters while having a wonderful journey?

Nepali Guide Qualification

Even though there is a huge difference in the regular guide & Nepali guide, qualifications are the same. The most important things that a guide should have are as follows:

Guide license

In Nepal, there is a trekking guide license that is compulsory for the guide. This license proves that they are the real guide and has knowledge about the destinations properly.

Similarly, if a guide can’t show his/her guide license then you can’t trek any further. So, you must check or know whether your guide has a license or not.

Extra language

All the guides and porters in Nepal can speak English. However, all the tourists can’t speak the English language properly. And to solve this problem, many guides in Nepal have started to learn different languages.

Likewise, learning new languages to communicate is also one of the Guide responsibilities. So, it might be easy if you search for that guide who can speak your mother language easily. Also, English language has been compulsory for guide nowadays.

Familiar with Geography

As mention above, guides are those who give you information about geography and know every way.

The best guide always should know about the local weather and the rules of those areas. Similarly, they must know about the quality of accommodation found in a specific trekking area. Also, they must care about his/her hygiene along with the guest while trekking.


Without any experience, nobody can become a guide in Nepal. And experience doesn’t mean the knowledge they have about the area.

Any guide will know the route of those destinations but that doesn’t mean, he is an experienced guide.

Will you pay money for the guide who will only talk and talk and talk?

While trekking to destinations like Everest Base Camp, not only physically but also mentally, you have to be prepared. And to help you, a guide is necessary because they have to motivate you.

Therefore, an experienced guide means, who will handle all the problems as well as entertain you. You will not have any worst day with an experienced guide.


While trekking in Nepal, you can do solo trekking in different trek routes. However, if you are new and don’t have experience then taking a guide & porter will help you in many ways.

Likewise, when trekking above 4,000m altitude areas, Nepali guide & porter are recommended. Nepali guide and porter are also cheap than other country guides. However, if you are new and want to know some best tips before trekking then you can discuss it with agencies. Or, you can email us at [email protected] for a better answer.

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