50 best tips for Everest Base Camp trek


Are you trekking in Nepal? Are you going to Everest Base Camp? Do you know what can be the problems you will face there? Do you know any best tips for Everest Base Camp trek?

There are many things you will have in mind when traveling but there aren’t complete answers. That is why after experiencing and getting reviews from our customers, our senior guide has provided you with the “50 best tips for Everest Base Camp trekking.

Go for Right gears



Choosing the right and comfortable gear can be your first best tips for Everest Base Camp trek. Most people bring a lot of clothes and gears but most are really not used properly in the Everest base camp trek.

If you cannot select the right gears for Everest trek then you will only have a big back-pack which is not useful. So, you have to choose the right gears for the Everest base camp trek. You can check for the right gears for the EBC trek for the best result.

Walk slowly

You may have heard that “Slow and steady wins the race”. Yes, this is true while trekking in Nepal.

If you go/climb slowly in these high altitude areas, you will reach easily to Everest base camp. While walking fast, you will get tired easily, you may get AMS, and you will sweat which will result in dehydration. That is why walking fast up to the base camp is not a good idea.

Always keep in mind that you have to trek slowly at Everest Camp. Similarly, you will always hear from your guide to “walk slowly” from time to time.

Be Mentally prepared

Everest base camp trek is the most popular and a dream place for the traveler. And, you have to be mentally prepared for an adventure trip like this highest base camp of the highest mountain in the world.

If you are not mentally prepared then this dream will not become true. Maintaining your mental strength is most important before trekking here. One of our customer named “Robert” also completed this trek without any training but he was mentally strong. It means it’s your fear that stops you from climbing this highest base camp.

Find the best time to trek Everest base camp:


Among all, the best tips for Everest Base Camp trek is to find the best time for trekking. There are four different major seasons i.e. Spring, Monsoon/summer, autumn, and winter season.

Monsoon/summer falls in the month of mid-June to mid-September which is not good for trekking due to rain and clouds. But some trekking regions such as Upper Dolpo, Upper Mustang are popular for this time. Those areas are located behind the great Himalaya to the border of Tibet. This area is the rain shadow area.

From mid-December to mid-March, it is considered a winter season in Nepal. There is a big possibility to have heavy snow and too cold at this time. That is why this is also not the best time to trek in EBC.

From mid-March to mid-June, it is a spring season. Spring season is considered one of the best times for peak climbing and trekking in Nepal. Mostly, the Everest expedition is also organized in this season.

Mid-September to Mid-December is an autumn season. The autumn season has one of the best weather and temperature all over Nepal. This time is the best time for Nepal trek.
So, autumn and spring season are the best time for Everest base camp trek.

Sign your “Travel insurance”

Travel insurance is the must thing to do before traveling in any country. Similarly, trekking is one of the most difficult activities in Nepal and that is why travel insurance is important. You need to do travel insurance before going trekking in Nepal.

In Nepal, the local agencies will handle your accommodations, guide, porters, foods, and transportation but you can’t sign any travel insurance in Nepal.

Similarly, there are lots of agencies that sign travel policies which you should do before trekking in Nepal. Most of them include lost baggage, trip cancellation, theft, travel accidents, travel health, death overseas and many more.

However, while trekking in Nepal over 3,500m you can get Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and that is why insurance is most important. Most of the travel insurance only covers the insurance under 4,000m only but there are others who can cover your insurance at a maximum of 6,000m elevation with helicopter evacuation.

Check for World Nomads, Travelex insurance, JS insurance and other similar for 6,000m elevation insurance. Usually, there will be insurance packs that you can get which will cover the important things you need.

Drink lots of fluids (Stay Hydrated)

Dehydration is the main problem while trekking in the Everest Base Camp. Due to the extreme cold at high altitudes, most people do not drink enough water/fluids. Being hydrated is the best tip for Everest Base Camp trek.

Similarly, you will lose a great number of minerals through your sweat and urinating. The more you walk the more you sweat & urinate, and the more you lose water and minerals from your body which will result in dehydration.

Dehydration symptoms are headache, weakness, dizziness, cough, itching throat, muscle pain and many more. Therefore, keep your body hydrated by drinking at least 3 to 4 liters of water every-day. You may also use some vitamin or juice with your drinking water.

Always Bring Extra Cash


Bringing extra cash is always the best tips for Everest Base Camp trek. If you are a solo trekker then, of course, you will need a lot of money for food, trekking permits, and accommodation.

Extra money can be used for emergency cases like unable to walk, major sickness, hiring horses or porter and rescue.

Similarly, if you are trekking through an agency then still you will need extra cash for such emergency cases. Most importantly, you should always bring Nepali currency here because nobody accepts any cards or dollars.

Even, if somebody accepted your card then 10 to 20 percentages will be charged which is very expensive.

Choose the Nepali local trekking agency

Are you always confused about where to book your trip to Nepal?
There are thousands of international and local trekking agencies. Wherever you book your trip; finally international travel agencies also hire local trekking agencies because of labor costs.

To be the truth, all international travel agencies work with local agencies, which will cost you high for guides. But in Nepal, guides and porters are far way cheaper than international workers. On the other hand, you will contribute to Nepal when you book through the local company. Also, you will save big money as well from choosing local agencies.

Always plan for extra days


Remember, you have to fly to Lukla from Kathmandu or Ramechhap to start your trekking to Everest base camp.

Similarly, you will end up trekking at the same place in Lukla. But sometimes Lukla gets very unstable weather even if the day was clear. That is why flights get delayed and you will have to spend extra days there.

At that time, Helicopters will also not fly due to bad weather which will result in no option to exit from Lukla. Therefore, it is why you have to plan for extra days on your holiday.

Note: Extra days mean a couple of days.

Choose best guide and porter

The guide has a vital role to make your trip happen. An experienced guide can make your trip memorable, informative, and unforgettable. A guide can bring you to the ultimate destination, show trail, and instruct ideas to go Everest base camp. Tell me, isn’t this the best tips for Everest Base Camp trek?

They are responsible to explain about Himalaya, Sherpa culture and tradition. They always bring you to the right place to eat and sleep as well as help in your hard time.

Due to the high altitude area, it is always dangerous for the possibilities of acute mountain sickness. But you can always get the right way to prevent this problem from your guide.

Similarly, a porter is responsible to carry your luggage. Carrying a big bag-pack and walking on this high altitude is very difficult. So porter will make your trekking comfortable so that you can enjoy your trek.

Pack in the right way

50 best tips for Everest Base Camp trek

Normally, you will need a huge bag as well as a small bag for trekking. Nowadays most trekking agencies have been providing duffle bags for trekking.

If you hire a porter then they will carry those bags. As for the best, it is far better if you have a trekking bag to give porter.

Likewise, you should make a “small and smart” bag before coming to Nepal. Because it will be easy to carry every place as well as during your flight.

Most of the people pack their things in a suitcase while the suitcase is not recommended for trekking. Practically, this is not useful, so do not pack in a suitcase.

If you feel comfortable to pack in a suitcase; bring a trekking bag compulsory and pack your things in a trekking bag before starting the trek. You may leave your suitcase at your hotel in Kathmandu.

Do Acclimatization while Trekking

Acclimatization helps you to adapt to the environment of this highland area. It supports you to reach Everest base camp easily.

However, acute mountain sickness is one of the most major problems in this Everest base camp trek. Due to the highest base camp of the highest mountain in the world, you can feel the altitude from 3,000m up.

Everest base camp trek is located at an altitude of 2,800m to 5,545m above the sea level. Similarly, you have to sleep over 3,000m to up from the second night of the trekking.

On the first night, you will sleep at Phakding 2,660m and from 2nd night, it’s all more than 3,000 meters to Everest base camp for a week. So, you might face altitude problems if you go fast and without acclimatization.

Normally, all trekkers stay two overnight at Namche Bazar to adopt elevation and two overnight at Dingboche 4,400m.

Drink clean water


Drinking water is one of the most important factors for Everest base camp trek. Of course, you can buy a mineral water bottle each and every place in this region but the price is very expensive here.

It cost NPR 100 to 400 for a liter of water bottle here while you should drink a minimum of 3 to 4 liters in a day. And if you calculate the amount by NPR 400 per bottle then its NPR 1,600 per day and NPR 22,400 in 14 days.

Relying on the water bottle only will make your trip expensive which is a waste. Similarly, you can get boiled water as well but this is also costly and sometimes it is not sure how water was boiled.

You may get free drinking water from the tap at every place but this natural water may be a little strong for a new stomach. Local people drink this natural water because they can digest it.

So, how am I suppose to find the source? you may ask:

That is why; use a water purification tablet for safe drinking water if you want to drink the tap water or any. Similarly, do not forget to bring a water purification tablet even if it smells bad.

Likewise, sterilizers can be an option to purify drinking water. Nowadays, some Nepal local trekking agencies provide steripen for drinking water. You can get some water filtered device also in the market but you have to be sure about it.

Know the Accommodation in Everest base camp region

There are three different types of lodges/hotels in this region on the basis of its service and infrastructures. First, about 90% of lodges/hotels are normal which offers a clean and normal bedroom. It cost NPR 500 per head and if you stay at the attached bathroom bedroom it will cost extra NPR 600 to 2000 for twin sharing bedroom.

Second, about 8% of lodges/hotels are the middle category. They offer a better bedroom with an attached bathroom. It cost $30 to $50 for twin sharing bedroom.

And third, around 2% of lodges/hotels are luxury hotels that have a luxury room. It cost $150 to $225 for twin sharing. Wherever you stay; you have to pay NPR 500 to the local hotel management committee. It is compulsory. The other mentioned price is charged by the lodge/hotel.

Choose hygienic food

50 best tips for Everest Base Camp trek

Meals are other vital factors for you to reach Everest base camp because food is the main source of your energy.

You can get Nepali food, western food, Indian food, and Chinese foods in Everest Base Camp which is delicious. But some foods are not good for your new stomach because you can’t digest them.

Similarly, meat items are not recommended after crossing Namche Bazar. Khumbu region is inhabited by Buddhist people and it is not allowed to kill any animals there. So, how do hotels have meat items on their menu?

Because they bring chicken meat from Kathmandu with Lukla flight and carried by porter to the upper part without refrigerating. Likewise, Buffalo meat, Yak meat, pork meat, and goat meat are brought from the very lower region which takes 3 days to reach Lukla. And another 5, 6 days to carry those supplies to base camp areas.

Dairy items also are not good to eat here unless it is homemade. Similarly, too much milk tea and coffee are also not good to drink but you can have black tea.

Have your breakfast & dinner at same lodge/hotels where you sleep

Normally, it seems nonsense, right? But, you should eat your dinner and breakfast where you stay for sleep in the Himalaya region.

Mostly, all the lodges/guest houses/hotels are managed by local people. And they do not want you to go for dinner or breakfast to other places. But it is your choice wherever you have launch because you are trekking and taking launch on the way. If you did not eat dinner and breakfast at the same lodge; you will be charged a high cost for accommodation.

Be Physically Fit

50 best tips for Everest Base Camp trek

Yes, without a doubt Everest Base Camp is the most popular trekking destination in the world as well as hardest.

Lukla airport, Namche Bazzar, Tangboche Monastery, Kalapathar are some of the major attractions of EBC. But being the highest base camp in the world, it is definitely a difficult trek as well.

The cold temperature, unpredictable weather, ups & downs, rough trials make this trek a challenging & most thrilling at the same time. So do you think you are physically fit for this trek? Do exercise, play sports or any fitness activities before coming for this trek.

Do not panic with Lukla flight

Most sites on Google have been mentioning Lukla as a dangerous airport in the world. Unpredictable weather and mountain geography is the reason that makes Lukla airport difficult.

Normally, only small aircraft fly to Lukla, that’s why you will feel big turbulence during the flight. And they will not fly to Lukla in bad weather. Especially, above Taksindo and Lamjura mountain passes have strong wind which makes your flight bit turbulence. However, new pilots are not allowed to lead flights to Lukla.

Get Trekking Permits

You need three different permits for the Everest base camp trek. Everest base camp lies in Sagarmatha National Park which is listed in the world heritage site as well. That is why you need to buy the Sagarmatha National Park entrance permit.

2nd, you need to pay for the Pasang Lhamu Rural municipality entrance fee and TIMS card. TIMS Card means Trekkers Information Management System from Nepal tourism board.

Nowadays, TIMS Card does not seem in an active way in this region after Nepal became a federal democratic republic country. Many trekking agencies have been using this card for their staff’s security only.

Get a good sleep

50 best tips for Everest Base Camp trek

Due to time difference, unpredictable weather, high altitude, extreme cold, fear of possible danger, etc you may not sleep properly. But, if you could not sleep nicely then you will be tired in the coming days which will be bad for your health.

But, do not try to use sleeping tablets or any kind of drugs because you will not know if you are suffering from acute mountain sickness. Similarly, taking sleeping tablets in high altitude areas can kill you unknowingly. That is why try to sleep naturally or read books. (old technique)

Be alert about AMS

This is the most asked and searched question in Nepal trekking. Of course, it is important to know about acute mountain sickness.

When trekking to high altitude areas, air pressure decreases & the number of oxygen drops. If your body could not adjust then your body starts to show signs of acute mountain sickness within a couple of hours.
Sign & symptoms are:
: Headache
: Dizziness
: Nausea & vomiting
: Weakness or muscle fatigue
: Irritability
: Difficult to breath
: Insomnia
: Loss of appetite
: Tired feeling
These are the common symptoms of acute mountain sickness.

Be alert of Yaks and Donkeys

50 best tips for Everest Base Camp trek

There are always caravan of donkeys and Jokpyo (a hybrid from Yaks and cows) in the lower region till Namche Bazar.

Yaks and Jokpyos caravan in the upper region to Gorakshep makes a road very busy and difficult. Whilst passing through those animals, you always have to take the safe path.

Why? you may ask…because

Sometimes, they can push you down to Steep Mountain which can be deadly. On the other hand, some Yaks and Jokpyos are aggressive, they can attack you if you enter their territory. Also, if you are taking a picture with them then be careful.

Be careful while taking pictures

There are many accidents like falling from the cliff while just focusing on pictures.

Beautiful mountains and places will surely attract you to take pictures. But making a picture by jumping as flying on the sky with great views, standing on the edge of Steep Mountain, posing on the rocks, taking selfie nearby glacier, any picture time; you have to be careful. Because rocks on the mountain are very sleeper due to ice and you might get an injury.

Follow the main trekking trail only

If you are a solo trekker & forget the route then try to follow other trekkers. If there are no other trekkers then follow the main trail only. But it will be very hard to find even the main trail during the snow-covered trail.

Similarly, if it’s winter and snow is falling then stop the trekking. But if you are trekking through an agency then you will get an experienced guide who will lead you.

Trying to go out of the main trail by yourself can bring you in a dangerous situation.

Do not split from the group

You may be fast then others and want to go ahead without the team but to be honest its total madness. Because you might lose the right way; & you won’t get any help in emergency cases. You will also miss the lunch together. Whereas, a technical problem will be created so try to go together.

Manage your garbage

50 best tips for Everest Base Camp trek

Managing waste is the main tip to make your journey special because you will be protecting it from pollution. While trekking to EBC, you will definitely have some garbage/waste to throw but you won’t find any dustbin until you reach near to village/hotel. That is why you should carry the waste until you find one.

Garbage is the main problem for pollution which is increasing day-to-day. That is why we should give our effort to save this beautiful place from being destroyed. Once you reach near to any destinations, you can find dust bins in many places on the way and each tea house.

Do not trek at night

Trekking at night is not recommended in the Everest base camp region. You should know that you are trekking inside the national parks. National park means wildlife and it can be affected or it can affect you.

Similarly, most of this region is in high elevation and it can get very cold at night, so you may face a worse situation. Also, trails cannot be seen properly in dark. You might also lose the trail and fall into dangerous situations which can be deadly.

Bring Nepali currency while trekking

Nepali local market uses only Nepali currency and will only accept Nepali currency in the Everest region. If you want to buy anything in Nepal then you will need Nepali currency every time.

Even if they accept foreign currency such as USD, AUD, GPD, INR then you will not get the right rate. That is why Nepali currency is most needed during your trekking.

Respect local culture & traditions


While traveling to Nepal, please respect the local cultures & traditions. Nepal has diversity in culture due to its more than 100 ethnicities; they have different cultures and traditions.

Bikini and short clothes on the public are not respectful in Nepal and should be avoided. Similarly, kissing in front of the family is considered shameful. Whereas, temples, monasteries, stupas are the sacred places, so maintain your discipline there as well.

Leave the way for Yaks, donkeys, and porter

As mentioned above, you will encounter lots of caravan of Yaks and donkeys while trekking. You can also see that they carry heavy loads and walk on their own path. Therefore, when you are walking and encounter those caravan, then you should leave the way for them.

Similarly, porters will also have full of loads and usually look down while carrying. That is why you have to give priority to them also and avoid a collision.

Suspension bridge: Alert


You have to cross many suspension bridges during your Everest base camp trek. Some suspension bridges are high and long so it is a bit scary due to its shaking. You also have to be careful while crossing those bridges if there are yaks and donkeys. Also, always wait and let them pass first because it’s a narrow road.

Hillary Bridge: There is a Hillary Bridge just before climbing to Namche Bazar with huge height and long-distance over Dudh Koshi River. It is a big attraction of Everest base camp trek. Similarly, the locals have fixed Buddhist prayer flags on this bridge which seems amazing.

Keep some chocolates and dry snacks with you

Of course, you will get delicious foods all around the Everest region except for a couple of days near the base camp. But why to take some snacks or chocolates? you may ask…

Because when trekking in Everest Camp you might get hungry in the way or feel weak. But due to lack of hotels on the route of Everest Camp, it’s better to carry some snacks to regain the energy.

Also, due to the high elevation and cold temperature, foods are not that tasty in Everest camp. Your taste may get a little blunt in this region also. Although you can have delicious food in Hotels, keep some chocolates and snacks with you which are very good when you feel hungry.

Do not harm any wildlife

Most of your days, you will trek through Sagarmatha national park. There you will see a lot of wildlife nearby. Some of them can come close to humans as well but don’t try to catch or kill because it is totally illegal.

While trekking, you will see mostly Himalayan Thar and Himalayan Danphe birds which is very close to people. Similarly, do not try to chase or hit them.

If caught violating the rule then you will be punished according to National park and wildlife law.

Use Sun Protection

50 best tips for Everest Base Camp trek

When you think about Everest Camp then you might think it’s cold there also. But in reality, there is an issue of sunburn in Everest trekking.

Due to dry air in high altitude and sun; you may get sunburns which result in swelling, redness, etc. That is why use sun protection like sunscreen, hats, etc to protect your skin. Also, don’t think that it’s a small problem because it’s harmful to skins.

Use hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is the most important thing to carry while Everest base camp trek. When trekking, most people become careless about their health which results in sickness, bad stomach, etc.

Similarly, you won’t get to wash hands each and every time because there won’t be water all the time. But you will be in contact with germs all the time & with bacteria. Therefore, carrying a hand sanitizer is very useful protection to keep you healthy.

Bring first aid kits

Wherever you travel, injuries will be common for you as well as you can get sick also. That is why carrying a first aid kit box is the best tip while trekking in Everest Base Camp.

Similarly, it is also highly recommended to carry a medkit in the Everest base camp trek. Your health is the main priority to make this trip successful.

Trekking to Everest is daring and also a challenge. Here, you can encounter a physical health problem at any time. That is also why you should not forget to carry the first aid kit with you because it can save your life.

Take vaccination and consult your doctor before going to Nepal

Normally, tetanus & rabies vaccination is recommended to have before coming to Everest base camp trek. If you are traveling to some national park in southern Nepal in the summertime; then it is recommended to have anti-malaria vaccination as well.

Although Nepal is already malaria-free you should consider it taking. If you have any kind of diseases or problems then it is very important to consult your doctor. Before traveling to high altitudes, you should take some consultants from your doctor also.

Take trekking Maps


Trek-like a pro in Everest camp by bringing maps and follow the routes. Trekking maps of the Everest region will help you to go right places if you are a solo traveler. But taking a guide is also recommended even you bring maps for the right information.

Similarly, although you have a trekking guide, a trekking map helps you to learn about geography. It is said that the best trekking map is the best guide for you.

Follow guide’s instruction

Hiring an experienced guide will make your Everest trek fantastic, memorable, and historical. An experienced guide knows how to go Everest base camp, how to stay safe from altitude sickness, how to tackle its high altitude.

They have experienced what food is the best in this region, how to tackle with yaks and donkeys. Similarly, they can solve your problems and maintain your health while trekking. That is why you should always listen to your guide.

Do not hide your health problem

Because this is a dream place and the highest base camp of the highest mountain many travelers want to go here. But it’s hard to reach and there are many obstacles in your way.

Altitude sickness is the main obstacle for you to stop you to reach the top But some people try to hide their sickness which can be very problematic later. Most trekkers face altitude problems in the Everest base camp trek but they don’t know if they are suffering it or not.

Sometimes it can be deadly too and that is why you should not try to hide altitude problems. Always, tell your problem to your friend and guide because they will help you. It’s for your own health.

Don’t give chocolate and money to children

Sometimes your kindness to children can be harmful psychologically. Everyone loves children but when you give chocolate and money to children then they will get an idea to beg and follow tourists instead of going to school. You should remember that Nepal is poor economically, so when you give some money then it will encourage them for begging.

Similarly, some parents in Nepal also have bad ideas to make their children begging. Although there is not this problem in the Everest region, some parts of the trekking region in Nepal have this kind of problem.

Hopefully, we believe that you will understand children and give them educational materials instead of food and money.

Don’t give food to street dogs

Dog’s are loyal and cute but in Nepal, there are lots of street dogs. Sometimes, you can see them fighting for food in the street in Nepal. This can make you give some food to them but it’s a little dangerous for you.

Some local people give them food daily but when some stranger gives them food then they can follow them. Also, when giving food to one dog, another dog might fight to get the food. This activity can result in transferring some diseases from one dog to another.

Therefore, for you, it’s recommended not to give food to street dogs.

Do not drink alcohol while trekking


Drinking is a worse problem during any kind of trekking to high altitudes because you can get altitude sickness. By the way, drinking is always a harmful thing to health.

However, when you drink, you will feel tired, heavy breaths, dizziness, unconsciousness, etc which can activate acute mountain sickness. That is why it is prohibited to drink there.
But you can drink when you complete your trek after returning to Kathmandu to celebrate it. Until then, don’t get drunk and share this information.

Bring Camera/mobile and chargers

Please bring your camera or mobile & chargers because you can get electricity. It is also important to capture pictures and bring them back home. All these pictures prove that you were here and it also represents a token of love in your life.

Similarly, it can be helpful to make yourself refresh after being in the home or when you get old. You can show your family, friends who you are and where you been.

Bring some Books:

The best tip for Everest Base Camp trek is to kill your free time and the only way to do this is by reading books.

Books can be your best friend at the time of travel. Reading helps people to calm their minds and also works as a sleeping pill. If you feel like you can’t sleep then read books because it will calm your mind & soul.

About the books, always try to bring some recommended best books with you. Similarly, don’t carry lots of books because you won’t need more than 1 or 2. Reading helps to kill time as well as increase knowledge together.

Manage internet resources (Wifi/Data)


There’s electricity in hotels of Everest Base Camp and that means you will have wifi also. You will have an internet connection while Everest trekking through wifi or mobile data.

Everest link and some other internet companies have been providing internet facilities in this region.

However, sometimes there can be slow internet in hotels due to some technical problems. That is why you have to be prepared for your backups. So, you can buy prepaid data through balance.

You can get the Nepali sim card and you have to recharge it before going to Everest Base Camp. You can use it all the way to Gorakshep. Its starting price is NPR 2000. Normally, this is enough for the whole trip.

Keep connected With People

As mentioned above, you will get the internet facilities in the hotel and you will have a Nepali sim also. This means that you can keep in touch with your families at any time.

Similarly, most of the time you will be connected through wifi but sometime there won’t be any internet and mobile service due to unpredictable weather.

Therefore, it is better to provide your close friends or family member’s contact email or mobile number to your travel agency. And through a travel agency, we can send your status or message if you are unable to send.

Tip to guide and porter

Remember, thousands of trekking guide and porter is working for tourists within this high altitude area.

If you are facing problems then they are also facing multiple problems during Everest trekking. But they won’t show you any problems and will carry their duties.

Similarly, porters always have hard work here because they need to carry all the heavy loads. And porters means they are from a poor family who is seeking to help their families. So please do not forget to tip them at the end of your trip.

Know the cost


Everest Base Camp trekking is the popular trek as well as expensive also. But most of the people may think that “if they are getting all the services according to the money they paid”?.

Therefore, it’s your right to know how your money is being used. That is why know the cost of EBC trek.

Be Neat & Clean

Being healthy is the best tip for Everest Base Camp trek. And to be healthy you need to clean your body by bathing. But the problem is that most of the people don’t want to bath in Everest Base Camp trek due to cold.

Even though tourists get hot water, sometimes they deny to bath there which is bad for health. Letting germs means letting yourself to become sick. If you got sick then your trip will be ruined.

That is why bathing is most important while trekking in Everest Base Camp.
Note: Bath only if Nepal

These are the 50 best tips for Everest Base Camp trek. If you have any questions then you can contact info@pristinenepal for best results. Have fun on your adventure.

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