Erotic Carving

Nepal is an amazing country full of historical places, Heritage sites; enriched with cultures and traditions as well as astounding mountains and thousands of peaks. This is the place where there is neither discrimination among religious nor people; thus, also known as a secular country. Today, let’s talk about erotic carving at a temple in Nepal which has no fixed definition of why it was made. Here are three reasons that are believed to describe the existence of those erotic carving.

First reason:

At the time of war between the three cities; Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur in the Malla Dynasty, many soldiers died when fighting. And the war continued for years as the soldiers stand to defend, to protect their kingdom but similarly the number of soldiers began to decrease.

All the kings were aware of their status about the insufficient soldiers for war and that is why the kings made the decision to increase the number of children so that they can be raised to be the warrior. Therefore, erotic carving was created to encourage libido in their people. It was carved in the temples of their kingdom so that all people can see those carvings.

Thus, according to history, the reason for erotic carving was to encourage the sexual desire to raise the population of boys for the future army.

Second reason:

According to the myth, the erotic carving is a way to deflect negative energy from entering the temple. You may be thinking; what a joke! who will believe it?….and many more. But there are many things which science can’t describe and it’s one of them.

If you visit Nepal then you will mostly find erotic carvings in temples which are the religious places for Hindu peoples. Similarly, according to myth, all those erotic carvings denote a mantra (chanting) inscribed within those characters which deflect negative energy. Therefore, it is also believed that the power of the god is safe there due to those chanting characters.

Third reason:

More precisely, our selfishness, anger, lust, jealousy, greediness, and all those negative emotions are the demon inside us. We are the living devils which are finding a way to the light whereas; to find those light we follow the gods. Similarly, there are many ways of teachings from gods that help humans to be human and erotic carving is one of those according to the Nepalese Hindu religion.

You can see all those erotic carvings in temples in Nepal and it was made to free the human heart from all the negative energy before entering the temple. First, you will have a negative thought after looking at those carvings but later on, you will have no negative energy in yourself. This is hard to believe but it’s true because even having a lust after seeing those carvings you will end up on positive feelings when entering the temple. The reason is due to the chanting’s inscribed in those characters which are still believed nowadays.

Therefore, when people go to temples to worship, theirs all negative energy is taken away by the power of those chanted carvings.

These are the places where you can see those erotic carving in Nepal.

Jagannath Temple

This is Jagannath temple from Kathmandu Durbar Square which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. This place is famous for its amazing history and carvings on its roof struts.

Elephant Temple

Erotic Carving
Located outside of the western gate of Bhaktapur Durbar square you can see this erotic elephant temple.

Vishwanath Temple

Erotic Carving
This is Vishwanath Temple located in Lalitpur Durbar Square dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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