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A guide or tour operator is vital, especially if you are visiting a new location. Without help, one’s cannot grasp a better knowledge of the destination that we explore, which concludes that they are an important person in reality.

What is Guide?

Being a guide means possessing all the professional Knowledge that an outsider or travelers needs to know in a certain place. They are the person who takes all the responsibilities to clear your doubt offering obvious highlights of destinations or locations. Likewise, country Nepal with an astounding mountain, peaks, landscapes, and a large number of historical sites, heritage sites as well as natural beauty will definitely give you a quality time.

With thousands of peaks and mountains located in Nepal including the local cultures and traditions, and historical places will surely give you many questions, making lots of confusions for you. Therefore, to keep you away from all those confusions, guides are necessary and to choose the right guides for right location here are some tips:

Before booking any tours or travel outside the country, you will have to know the details of your guide. Having a small conversation with the tour operator and guides will definitely not hurt you, it’s to make a trust between each other before making any bookings.

Most of the people in Nepal who has opened the trekking agency are mostly guides who have given their half of life being a guide in different locations. Therefore, in the matter of deciding a guide for trekking, they are the best.

-Having a doubt before booking any travel or trekking is common. Most of the people surely think i.e. are this guide or tour operator can be trust-worthy? That is why you should always check their website to get all the information you need regarding Guide license, Reviews, and ratings.


Guides in Nepal

First of all, if you want to do trekking in high Mountains, do some daring challenges, feel the breathtaking adventures, give your life a new meaning, then Nepal can be your dream place. This country is full of wonders, excitement, ups……..and downs.. to make your jaw open. Well, if I start to describe Nepal then this blog will be a book. (off-topic)

Well, Nepal is a landlocked country which makes this place the best place to do trekking. But you can’t do alone because you are an outsider and don’t know the route. So, you will be lost in the way. That’s why there are thousands of best guides in Nepal to make your trip memorable. Questions may be coming in your mind i.e. are they trustworthy? Do they really know the route? Well yes, they are all professional guides, only if they have a license, of course. (laugh)

In Nepal, you will find thousands of trekking agencies only in Kathmandu which is the capital city. Meaning, all the persons who are trekking operators (boss of those agencies) are very professional because they have given half of their life in trekking (only if they are over 30). Likewise, there are trekking guides, travel guides, and city guides in Nepal which has their own way to make your trip beautiful. (Well most of them are very funny) You will surely love guides here.

If you think becoming a guide is easy then you are 100% wrong and mostly in Nepal. People in Nepal mostly are Porters or Guide and becoming a good guide in Nepal is very challenging than other countries. Let’s list out the types of guides available in Nepal.

Trekking Guide

They were not that informative in past time. Most of the trekking guide would come from the mountain region. Mountain boy would be very strong. Normally, most of the mountain people did not have good education. But time has changed and now educated young generation are prepared for trekking guide. They are the one who is responsible to clear all the doubts and give information while trekking. To be one of them one’s should already visit the locations as a porter, assistant guide and they should study about those locations, then finally after an exam they are permitted to carry a guide licensee from Nepal Tourism Board. (sounds easy) All this process takes a lot of time likes maybe a year and more.

Which means they are responsible for your safety, guidance, and enjoyment while trekking. ( they are strong as a bull)

Tour Guide

  With a lot of historical places, heritage sites, local areas culture and traditions, surrounding you in the city of Nepal, you sure will go crazy.  You may search those places history or info in google to save money but that’s gonna ruin your day (surely). Because even if you can cook, the taste from the restaurant is always tasty which means having a guide can really help you to clear all the confusion and can save lots of time.

When you are traveling from one place to another place like Kathmandu to Pokhara or Chitwan etc. then you will need a tour guide. They are responsible to give you information about the places you travel, camping, and many more.

Guide & Porters in Nepal are vital if you are coming in Nepal because without them your adventure will be doomed (filmy dialogue). They are not only for showing you routes, but they are also responsible to make your travel beautiful and memorable, enchanting a new experience. Likewise, you can find male as well as female guide in Nepal. To know how to choose the best guide read in the top. (don’t miss it)


Guide’s and Porters (When trekking)

Finding the best guide and porters for trekking in Nepal is your first step but when walking in high mountains straight upward, have you considered what will happen? Can you imagine how long is the way? And can you reach the top with 25-30kg of loads in your back? The answer is simple i.e. you will also have a porter in your trekking, which will carry your heavy bags to ease your trekking.
You must be thinking about, how can they carry those loads?

Porter in Nepal is a common thing while doing trekking in Nepal. They are not only a porter but also a learner to become a good guide in the future, which means it’s like their trial to become a success. Not all people can become guide and porters in Nepal because it’s a risk as well as challenging to be one of them. They need to be strong as a bull to carry those loads and healthy to face the high altitude of mountains. (don’t forget to give tips to the porter)

With a good guide and porters, it will be easy for you to trek as well as it will be safe for you too, because if you get sick or Acute Sickness then they will rush you to health camp. (caring) Well, the price of Guide and porters in Nepal varies according to the trekking or travel agencies. A guide usually charges normally USD $30-40 a day and the porter work is USD $20-30 per day. And tour guide cost is $30 to $100 a day.


Furthermore, traveling, trekking or spending holidays in a different place is something that will fill your heart, enchanting a new experience and bringing cherish in your life. Similarly, not only having luxury accommodations and transportation will be enough for your adventure, guides and porter are also the most essential part of an adventure. Likewise, if you want any help please contact [email protected] and for trekking and traveling in Nepal you can choose our team because we will assist you in every way.

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