Being born at remote area of Northern part of Nepal at Dhading Chin Thapa is the son of farmer. He grew up playing with muds and helping is parents in the field. After finishing his school he came to the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu for his further study. But due to poverty and having responsibility of his younger siblings he had to start earning money.

Growing by walking uphill and downhill no other occupation suited him other than trekking, he started from bottom to top in this tourism sector. In his early days he worked as a porter and eventually after his hard work and struggle, he became a professional guide. And as a professional guide, he has already trekked & explored many trekking regions of Nepal.

In addition, Mr. Chin Thapa is successfully managing & running a trekking agency as a “Tour Operator” of Pristine Nepal Treks & Expedition.

At last, we the Pristine Nepal family wants to say, Chin Thapa is that kind of person who knows what is good and bad for his guest. Sometimes we the staff crack fact joke “Why to fear when Chin is there?” Not only that he loves to help needy ones. He has also been helping for education in his hometown through profit from his trekking agency.