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Chin Thapa was born in the remote village of the northern part of Dhading in a poor family, grown up in farm terrace.  He used to climb up on the mountain two hours every day to get to school and one and a half hour to home. And he would help parents for farming too. He came to Kathmandu after his school for University. But he couldn’t continue with his college due to his parent’s poverty. They couldn’t afford. In the meantime, he met a trekking guide who offered him to go in trekking to carry tourist’s bag pack. Then, he started to work as a porter in the tourism sector. He was a very hardworking, honest and friendly person. So tourists liked him and encouraged to be a guide. He had trekked almost all trekking region of Nepal in his porter time. He became a trekking guide three years later after doing a porter.

He was very much interested in learning the Himalaya, Culture, and History and political too. He had a deep desire and dream to go to University again. It brought to him in University after saving some money from guiding in trekking, used the money for study and finished his degree in Sociology and Political Science. He went for tourist guide training and became A Grade tourist guide.

He was very kind and helpful person. He has been helping his villagers and school. Especially, he brought so much helps for earthquake victim from a different part of the world after a devastating earthquake in the year of 2015. He coordinates to volunteer to bring in his school where he had all his childhood and the golden age of 12 years in this school.

He has now owned his Travel and Trekking companies where he and his friends have great services for their guests. They all are expert in the tourism sector. They know how to make the best holiday for their guests. They are always very much sense in their service.

Finally, Chin Thapa is a very social person. He is very kind. He has been helping for Education in his village. He wants all children should get a chance to go to school and school to have to be modern too. So he shares some benefits for Education.