Can a porter speak English in Everest Trek?


Can a porter speak English? This is the most common questions from every foreigner coming to Nepal for trekking. Trekking is the most popular outdoor activity in Nepal.

Every year a lot of foreigners pay a huge sum of money for trekking packages.

Mostly the packages include all the essential services & facilities including food & accommodation, transportation fee, permit fee & so on. They also pay for guide & porter fees. The guide is without a question the main factor for operating successful trekking.

Trekking guides are very professionals & experienced to lead you & show the trial. (For full details about trekking guide you can check here). With the addition to that Sherpa/Porter is another must factor when it comes to trekking in Nepal.

Why do you need Porter?

Normally, simple trekking in Nepal does not require a lot of physical fitness & can be done alone too. But unfortunately, most of the trekking in Nepal is moderate & difficult.

They require good physical & mental fitness. Usually, most of the treks are done in the Himalayan region & they are not very easy to operate. The ups & downs with continuous day walk in the hills are sure enough to make you tired. On top of that, you have to carry your luggage.

So in order to prevent you from getting tired & to let you fully explore & enjoy the trekking, porter is there for you.

They assist you by carrying your heavy luggage & other essential materials throughout your journey. Not only carrying your stuff but they can help you rescues from possible dangers as well, which can happen during the trek. They also provide you great company. So next time when you visit Nepal for trekking don’t forget to take porter with you.

Can a porter speak English?


It’s a frequently asked question by most of the foreigners.

Most of the foreigners demand English speaking porters from their agencies. According to foreigners; they feel comfortable interacting with their porters. Also most of the times many foreigners want to talk personally with their porters & appreciate for making their journey easy & wonderful.

We, Pristine Nepal Trek & Expeditions have very experienced porters & can easily communicate with you.

Old Generation Porter:

They are well experienced but due to a lack of proper education during their times they cannot speak English fluently. However, over the years they have learned speaking English from their experience. And to our surprise, some can even communicate in 2-3 different foreign languages. Their experience in this field for more than 15 years has proven the proverb “Practice makes perfect”.

Rural/Himalayan Porter:

Many porters from these regions still cannot easily communicate with foreigners. Nepal is a developing country & education in Himalayan regions is still not accessible. Due to this, porters from these regions are still struggling & facing many difficulties.

Urban/Modern Generation Porter:

Porters from this region are well educated & is very good at communicating foreigners. Those types of porter are expecting to be guide soon, so they are portering to get experienced.
Most of the agencies hire good speaking porters these days. Sometimes, agencies have to provide jobs to those porters as well even they cannot speak English. Mostly, uneducated porters go with guides.

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