Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather

Immaculate, wealthy in culture, and essentially exceptional, the staggering Manaslu Circuit Trek is a trending & popular trekking destination among travelers around the globe. Every year the off beaten trail attracts thousands of visitors. Therefore, we are receiving a lot of queries regarding Manaslu Circuit trek weather & temperature.

Opened in the year 1992 for trekkers, the off-beaten path takes you through numerous rich woodlands of rhododendron trees sprouting wonderfully, elevated woods like pine, cedar, birch, and juniper along with spectacular Mountain View. And with the right season & month, you will enjoy al these lush vegetation of Manaslu Circuit trek.

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Here are the Manaslu Circuit trek weather & temperature according to months:

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather & Temperature:

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather

Generally, there are four main seasons in the Manaslu region i.e Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. However, the climatic zones in the Manaslu region vary according to the elevation within the circuit giving you the unique experience throughout the trek.

Trekking in Manaslu circuit is possible throughout the year however we highly recommend this trek during Spring & Autumn season which are additionally the pinnacle trekking season in Nepal.

The following is the nitty-gritty diagram of the Manaslu Circuit trek climate. After reading this you will have the option to pick the best time for this trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather in Spring:

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather

One of the peak seasons in Nepal, which comprises of the month March, April, and May, is incredible for those individuals who want to experience the serenity of the Manaslu region. Solidified lakes start to defrost, streams start to fill, new buds start to grow and all the teahouse closed during winter reopens to serve and satisfy the necessities of trekkers and mountain dwellers.

Furthermore, the Spring season is additionally the most secure of all seasons for a Manaslu trekking campaign. Spring season has the most reduced dangers of torrential slides, avalanches, and other climatic perils.

Manaslu Circuit weather in March:

March signifies the start of the spring season in Nepal which falls just right after the end of the winter season due to which you can feel cold breeze noticeable all around.

The temperature in March ranges from – 6 °C to 10°C during your Manaslu Circuit trek. The flora and vegetation start to bloom during the early period of March. Also, you can enjoy the clear view of white snow-capped mountains along with the lush forest of rhododendron.

Manaslu Circuit weather in April:

April is the best month to do a trek in Manaslu Circuit. The lush forests, flowers & vegetations are fully bloomed with crystal clear skies. The temperature is relatively stable between 6-12°C i.e neither hot nor cold.

Unlike the popular Everest & Annapurna region, the Manaslu trails see fewer numbers of trekkers. Along these lines, you can at present appreciate the bona fide feel of the trek and the area with the best climate conditions.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in May:

May is the last as well the warmest month in the Spring season. It marks the end of spring season & beginning of monsoon. As the temperature gradually starts to rise up, you will feel the sweltering & bright sun during the daytime. As you will sweat a lot during the trek, make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather in Summer:

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather

Summer in Nepal is a time where the country experiences the largest downpour with 80% of rainfall. June, July, and August fall under the monsoon season.

While spring makes the region blossoming with brilliant new changes, monsoon makes the trail lavish and thick and perfectly green. The presence of various bugs & leeches with a slippery & muddy trail is the downside of this season. The possibility of landslides & floods is high which makes the trekking excessively troublesome.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in June:

June is the beginning of the monsoon season in Nepal. The start of this current month is very hot. And from mid-June, the temperature starts to drop down as the rainfall starts but the humidity increases.  You can find a few numbers of trekkers during the early days.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in July:

July is additionally the long stretch of the rainstorm where there is a high possibility of precipitation. The rain falls almost on a daily basis this month.

However, the path is blossoming with beautiful flowers and lavish green vegetation. You will likewise look upon the glorious mountains and amazing rainbows.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in August:

August is the last rainy month in Nepal. You can appreciate the precipitation along the path as it rewards you with the tasteful of the lush green vegetation encompassing you.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather in Autumn:

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather

An exceptionally prominent sentiment, Autumn is seemingly the best season for a trekking undertaking through the Manaslu circuit. September, October & November fall under this season.

This season brings back the stable weather with clear skies & mesmerizing mountain views. The surroundings are pollution-free after overwhelming precipitation in monsoon season. The temperature remains stable ranging from 8°C to 12°C for the most part of the trek.

Similarly, you can experience the major festival of Nepal: Dashain & Tihar in this month.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in September:

This is the post-monsoon month & also the beginning of the autumn season. You can anticipate slight precipitation this month. You will walk through rich and green vegetation throughout the trek. There will be a ton of trekkers which makes the path busier.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in October:

October is the ideal month to go for trekking in Manaslu Circuit trail. You’ll be encompassed by the spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains. We suggest you pre-book Manaslu circuit trek as the trails are packed with lots of trekkers.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in November:

This is the last month of the autumn season. You will feel the drop in temperature below to the freezing point during morning & night. Still, you will be surrounded by breathtaking mountain views.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather in Winter:


Winter in the Manaslu region starts and expands itself from December through January and February. The temperature stays warm at 15°C at the lower height during the daytime but significantly drops down as the sunsets. Despite the cold & dry weather, the trails offer you the best scenic views.

Likewise, get ready to see different solidified lakes, streams, and cascades all through the circuit. An event of blizzards is likewise not uncommon during this season hence the number of hikers in the Manaslu trail decreases.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in December:

At the beginning of the winter, the climate in December is very like that of November until it definitely and reliably gets colder. Truth be told it is during the winters that you can expect a stunning view on the snow-topped mountains.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in January:

This is the coldest month of the year. The temperature usually ranges from -5°C to -10°C at the higher region of this trek. Therefore include extra blankets & warm clothes on your backpack. Most likely all the teahouse will be closed during this period of time.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in February:

You won’t find any immense distinction between the long periods of February and January with respect to the climate conditions. However, you will be welcomed by lush vegetation at a lower altitude. This month ends the winter season.


The above is just an indication. The weather & temperature in the higher region is unpredictable. Anyway, trekking to Manaslu Circuit is possible throughout the year.

What’s more, since you have clear thought when to go for Manaslu Circuit trek the last thing to do is to Book with us.

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