Why Trek The Manaslu circuit? 10 Reasons to give it a try


Nepal is dream come true for every backpacker, saying that might not be false. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world where mountains touch the sky and an amazing natural scene gives you goosebumps.  Similarly, trekking in Nepal is absolutely affordable and unforgettable for every kind of trekker. But why trek the Manaslu Circuit? It may strike your mind. So, let me explain.

Everest region and Annapurna region has been the major highlight for trekking in Nepal. If you have heard enough about these two trekking regions and thinking of trying something new as well as challenging as these regions then no other region can reach your expectation except this Manaslu Circuit.


Manaslu Circuit Trek

The off-the-beaten-trekking-trail (old pic).

Since 1991 only the Manaslu region was allowed to trek which is just 30years ago. The member of the Japanese expedition named Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu climbed Mt. Manaslu for the first time on May 9, 1956. Another interesting belief about this Mt. Manaslu is known as the Japanese mountain because of many unsuccessful attempts by the British.

Trekking to the Manaslu circuit is obviously unrepentant. During the trek, you can encounter the influence of Hinduism and Buddhism, nicely preserved ancient as well as unique cultures, and of course eye-catching natural views.  

But trekking to one specific region on the basis of other opinions and experiences is not a good idea. So, here we the Pristine Nepal Trek is going to give you all the questions regarding why trek the Manaslu circuit.

Manaslu is an Isolated Trekking Trail:


Are you an introvert who loves to trek and is in search of such a trekking trail where you can encounter fewer people? If yes then Manaslu circuit trek is waiting for you. Always being less crowded is the most appealing part of this trekking circuit along with unspoiled nature and culture.

As you start your trekking the trails start to change quickly from green countryside to lush green forest to unusual rocky terrains to crystalline glaciers. Even the word WOW doesn’t give the exact description of that views.

Manaslu circuit trek is something else. This region offers trekkers experiences that they never had before. Because walking on those isolated foothills of deep Himalayas will make you experience the lifestyle of our great ancestors.

Manaslu circuit is a well-known trek as an alternative trek of Annapurna Circuit trek. So, it gives you the same experience as the Annapurna region.

Q. People trek to the Manaslu circuit then how the trekking trail became isolated?

Ans. It is true that many trekkers trek to the Manaslu circuit but that doesn’t mean trekking trails can’t remain isolated. The nature of this Manaslu is pristine and unspoiled culture. You nowhere can find the natural scene and culture that Manaslu circuit offers you.

Jaw-dropping views:


Providing jaw-dropping views to trekkers is nothing new in Nepal. Every trekking trail offers a splendid natural scene in its own way and the trekking trails are famous in their own way.

You can evaluate Mt. Manaslu that is obvious as a bonus you can see other mountains like Annapurna II (7,937m), Nemjung (7,140m), Gyaji Kang (7,038m), Himlung Himal (7,140m), Kang Guru (6,981m) and Cheo Himal (6820m).

So, what’s so new about Manaslu circuit?

Manaslu is known as a “wall of snow and ice hanging in the sky”. Now, I challenge you to imagine the exact view of the snow wall with ice hanging in the sky. Can you?? Leave your comment in our comment box.

After that let’s compare your imagined scene by trekking to Manaslu circuit. Are you ready?

Pass through one of the challenging High passes:


If your trekking region in Nepal includes high pass then you belong to very rare adventurous people in the world. Because trekking through high passes is challenging as well as full of fun.

Manaslu circuit trek also includes one pass i.e. Larkya La pass. It is one of the longest passes of Nepal which approx. takes 3 hours to trek and lies at 5,106m/16,752ft above sea level. So, trekking through Larkya La pass is difficult too as already mentioned passes are difficult to trek.


Larkya La Pass

Some glimpse of larkya la pass trail.

It is the most difficult part of the trek and similarly the major highlight of this Manaslu circuit trek. But as you start to climb the Larkya La pass all of your tiredness will disappear as you see the beautiful view surrounds you. The view of the majestic Manaslu range, the landscapes, and the valleys are just inexpressible.

Trekkers will feel like want to be lost forever in that natural beauty. Do you want to experience how it feels like when you are surrounded by nature 360⁰? If you want to then you must trek to the Manaslu circuit.

Q. Is the view from Larkya La pass always the same?

 Ans. No, it’s not. The best time is from September to November and you can also consider April to May as a best time to trek. As the weather is warm sunny providing you excellent visibility.

P.s. Best season to trek means also the busiest trekking trail.

Offers you diversity | Cultural & Eco:


Most of the trekking trail of Nepal forgets to give you diversity. But this Manaslu circuit trek gives you every kind of diversity you want from cultural diversity to pristine eco-system diversity. Doesn’t it sound fun?

First of all, talking about cultural diversity.

Manaslu region is the habitants of Nepalese and Tibetans. Trekkers can see temples and monasteries at the same time. Manaslu trek helps you to experience how life would be in Medieval when life was hard but somehow simple and pure.

Your trek starts with evaluating the Hindu culture and ends with evaluating the Buddhist culture. How interesting right? Now, about pristine eco-system diversity.
Manaslu circuit trek is the home of endangered animals and vegetation. The list of endangered animals goes like this:

  • Snow Leopard
  • Himalayan Black Bear
  • Serow
  • Goral
  • Barking Deer
  • Wild Boar
  • Red Panda
  • Himalayan Tahr

Likewise, the list of vegetation goes like this:

  • Lush subtropical jungle (lower elevations)
  • Rhododendron forest
  • Oak forest
  • Pine
  • Juniper

Not only these, trekkers can enjoy the walking side by of rushing rivers, rice paddies and waterfalls too. As trek goes by you can feel the change in environment starting with green vegetation you will be slowly trekking by dry rocky and arid conditions.

Similarly, at the lower elevation Danfe the national bird of Nepal resides. This kind of diversity can be provided only by Manaslu circuit trek. You should no longer wonder searching about the Hindu and Buddhist culture.

Q. Does medieval period means Manaslu Circuit area undeveloped?

Ans. Manaslu region is developing trekking area where trekkers can find enough lodges and tea house. You can find the poor access to modern infrastructure. Trekkers can use internet in certain price but an access is not always the best. Whereas, there is nothing to worry about. This region is totally safe to trek.

Manaslu Base Camp and the Birendra Lake:


On the ninth day of trekking, we’ll have a rest day at Sama Gaon (3530m) and on that day we can hike 7-8hrs to Manasalu Base Camp. Rest is important while trekking but exploring the places is much more important.

Hiking 7-8hrs on a rest day is indeed a tough way but that splendid view from Manasalu Base Camp is rewarding. From the base camp, trekkers will be blessed with the mesmerizing view of Mt. Manaslu, Himlng Himal (7126m), Ganesh Himal II (7118M), Himalchuli (7893m), Simnang Himal (6251m), Siringi Himal (7161m) and Syala Himal (6235m).


Tsum Valley

Accommodation in Tsum Valley.

After all those hard climb now all you have to do is take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy an amazing surroundings.

Birendra Lake is a freshwater lake that is just 40-45mins walk from Sama Gaon and considered a side trip on the rest day. This lake is named after the late Nepal Birendra. It is a lake made of melted ice at the foot of the Manaslu glacier. You can make stone piles and just 40-45mins walk is worthwhile having a rest day.

Q. Is it compulsory to hike on a rest day?

Ans. Of course not, if you have more energy left and can’t stop exploring new places then you won’t regret doing one of the above-mentioned places. But if you want to rest and just explore the Sama Gaon why not? Sama Gaon itself is a small village.

Manaslu Circuit has Remote Villages:


Manaslu circuit trek will let you experience the lifestyle of the whole new world. You will think “Oh! This kind of lifestyle exists?”

As already brought up there is no access to modern technology or facility still available in this Manaslu circuit. This region is thinly populated but still, the people are able to preserve their culture.
Trekkers can evaluate the harmony between people in this Manaslu circuit.

Q. Can people of Manaslu speak English fluently?

Ans. All people might not be able to speak English as you do. But there is nothing to worry about because solo trek in Manaslu Circuit is not allowed. You must know every Nepalese people thinks of guests as their god.

Most do a side trip to Tsum Valley:


Tsum valley is also the hidden valley of Nepal. As it lies near the border of Tibet visitors can see the huge influence of Tibetan Buddhism which is slightly different from the environment of the countryside. 

If you’re interested in Tibetan culture and snowcapped mountains, then no other trip can reach your expectation. 
Tsum valley trail passes by awesome pine forests, incredible waterfalls, rivers, and suspension bridges along with gompas, monasteries, stupas, and other Buddhism-related things.

At the front, you can see the mountain ranges of Himalchuli (7,893m), Manaslu (8,163m), Ganesh Himal (7,140m), Churke Himal, and the Poshyop Glacier.
Tsum valley is a less explored valley, you can walk by the off-beaten-part of the Manaslu region which will be a lifetime experience.

Let’s visit Tsum valley before it gets fully explored. If you have enough time in Nepal then you must add Tsum valley to your list. So, that you won’t regret it later. 

Polyandry System:

Image from wikipedia

Polyandry system still can be found in Manaslu circuit trek in Tsum valley. Yes, you read correctly the polyandry system the system of having only one wife among all the brothers.

This practice is still ongoing with the motive of having a good division of land among brothers in the family. Also, the household having a polyandry system is economically better than others.

How is the household under the polyandry system? Don’t you want to evaluate? Share your opinion regarding the polyandry system.

Origin of Brave Gurkha Soldiers:


Gorkha was a small kingdom and now in the present time, you can see Gorkha as a beautiful district while trekking to the Manaslu region.

Nepalese are well known all over the world as the bravest citizens. And the story begins in the 1800s, during Anglo Nepalese war. British East India Company wanted to conquer Nepal seeing its natural beauty. Despite being a small kingdom (the Gorkha kingdom) Nepalese didn’t get afraid of the British East India Company’s soldiers and fought bravely. This made an impression on an opponent that leads to a peace deal in 1815.

The war was held in the Gorkha kingdom since then Nepalese is known as Gurkhas. Now in this 21st century also we Nepalese fight on behalf of Britain all over the world as Gurkha soldiers.

If you any questions about this topic than comment down below.

Under budget trek:


The price of trekking trails in Nepal differs on the basis of the trekking season, group size, and destination. Trekking to the Manaslu region is less expensive than Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp.

As altitude goes on the price also goes on the same way. For the detailed cost of Manaslu and further curiosity, you can visit our Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost blog. 

Trekking in the Manaslu region is not allowed to anyone which means one must have good experience in trekking for this region. Similarly, you must have a local guide and agency permit from a registered agent for this region. Because Nepal government has declared the Manaslu region as a restricted area to preserve its untouched nature and culture.

If you are a free wanderer and you don’t love to be in some kind of restriction then we do have other offers as per your need. We’re always active to serve you.

What is your next trekking or travel destination?

Is it Nepal?

At last, don’t forget to keep your travel destination clean.

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