What is a tea house trek Nepal?


Tea House trek History:

Tea house trek Nepal name goes way back to the past where there was no accommodation while trekking. And the travelers need to do camping in the mountains while trekking. The only thing they could get was tea & coffee in that area which was called a tea house.

But now, all the things have changed and the tea house started to sell the accommodation services.

What is a tea house?

A tea house is not as narrow as its name. It’s just more than a house serving tea. It facilitates the guests with full hospitality, accommodation, and trekking also.

A tea house is the most popular place of accommodation for travelers trekking in high altitudes. They provide easy, pay-as-you stay approach to trekking in one of the highest areas of the world.

Since transportation is really hard in the region, everything has to be carried by the donkey. The transportation is fully dependent upon the donkey and helicopter.

However, the helicopter is very expensive but also a trustable method. Since it is very expensive, people can rarely effort this. Comparatively the donkey is cheaper so the people give emphasis to the donkey.

What does a Tea house provide?

Every tea house provides a comfortable room with two single beds and a 1m long table between them. They provide a bathroom with hot water. But as we trek and increase the height, the tea houses might not be much satisfying than of lower altitudes.

Tea houses trek is more likely to provide a regular breakfast and a very popular meal in Nepal called dal-vat.

Tea houses also provide a trekking experience to the travelers starting and ending in the small Sherpa towns along the routes where the various tea houses are located.

Similarly, there are several slogans in the title board which makes them easy to identify. A tea house is spread throughout the trekking area like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna base camp trek, Langtang trek and many more. And they are not much expensive also.

They provide every facility that a lodge provides to its guests. The food served in a tea house is also hygienic. Although we don’t get many choices on food item they are truly reliable in hygiene and nutrition.

Some important tips

All the tips and advice are from the experienced guide and reviews of visitors. Therefore, you should consider it before staying in tea houses.

There’s Internet problem

There can be no internet facilities in tea houses due to geographical structure. But nowadays, there are internet facilities in the Everest and Annapurna region. Similarly, in some places, even your phone will not get any tower which means that you can’t contact anyone.

But you don’t need to panic because it’s temporary. If you want to spend some quality time then cards game can be the best things there. On the next day, you will be able to keep connect again.

Tents can be your lifesaver

Tea houses are limited and get filled at the time of peak season; also known as the Autumn season. At this time, people have to sleep even in the dining hall due to lack of rooms. Therefore, bring tents when trekking in crowded areas like Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp.

Toilet crises

The toilets in a tea house trek are not similar to your bathroom. There are no engineers there to make a luxury bathroom. At some of the tea houses, bathrooms are outside. But the most important thing is that “you should bring toilet papers”.

Bring toilet papers because it can be your lifesaver at some trekking destinations.

Eat what you take

The number one rule of trekking is; always eat what you buy and don’t throw. Foods are very limited in those areas and to bring those foods, it will take weeks. Therefore, it is recommended not to waste any food there because it can feed other people.


To sum up, tea houses are the best place to take a break and stop after adventurous travel. With good hospitality and good accommodation, tea house creates a very good time for the visitor during their Everest Base Camp trek or other treks. However, taking some tips can be very useful before trekking in Nepal.

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