Free Volunteering In Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal is the best way to help needy people and we expect that; organizing volunteering programs/trek, we can help those peoples. Heres how we help:


Nepal is a naturally beautiful country. The high mountains, lush jungles, cultural heritages with magnificent arts & architecture, beautiful cities, festivals & traditions are some of the best parts of Nepal although it has more to offer than what we expect. With all of these, it is of no surprise people from all over the world are very attracted & visit Nepal every year. Hence, tourism in Nepal is the fastest growing & major revenue-generating sector.

Every year lots of foreigners visit Nepal for different purposes. Some visit with an aim to climb the highest peak in the world Mt.Everest, some to do trekking & hiking in the Himalayan, some to explore the natural beauty, culture & traditions whereas some with a purpose to do social work ( volunteering in Nepal).

Pristine Nepal Treks & Tours is a local trekking agency located in the Thamel: the most buzzing, hottest-spot for tourism. We provide you the best trip & trekking packages to make your once in a lifetime experience memorable. We have mountain tour, Nepal tour, cultural tour, adventure tour packages as well as volunteering packages.

Our agency is associated with Free Volunteering in Nepal Team. From the very beginning with our foreign customers & partners, we are involved in different social service campaigns. Along with the trekking in Himalayan, we always do & provide free volunteer works especially in the remote areas & people living in higher altitudes.

We help foreigner to organize & help them in free volunteer work.

Free volunteering in Nepal

How did it start?

As we mentioned earlier, even though we are trekking agency, we were involved in free volunteering in Nepal campaign from the very beginning with the aid of our foreign customers & partners. However, we were more active in this volunteering field after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

After the earthquake in 2015, when most of the buildings including schools, temples, heritage sites, and homes collapsed, we experienced a heart-warming wave of support from our current and former customers. We realized how many of our customers were also looking for volunteering opportunities to help improve the conditions in Nepal and get to know the unique and original Nepali culture. However, many also complained that they could not find a convincing organization or project & many NGOs charged them a heavy amount of money.

Now, many foreigners contact us for providing & organizing them free volunteer works as well as travel & trekking packages to explore Nepal & to contribute to the development of Nepal tourism.

What to expect?

We do not charge any money. Unlike other NGOs in Nepal who charges a lot of money, we do not even charge you a penny. It’s completely free. Also, there is no reason why a volunteer should pay for volunteering, as he/she is already investing valuable time and effort.

You will pay a certain amount directly to the host family for accommodation & food only not to our agency.

For outside valley: $ 8 / day / person
For inside valley: $ 10 / day / person

Students learning in laptops

We focus mostly on the remote areas of Nepal. But recently we started to provide free volunteering services inside other facilitated cities too. During winter & monsoon season it will be difficult to access most of the remote part of Nepal. Even so, we organize volunteering services inside other cities. You can come at any time of the year for volunteering.

Accommodation: You will stay in the host family house. You can expect to have a simple private room.  It may be cozier if you bring your own sleeping bag, but you do not have to, blankets and bed sheets are provided.

Food: You will eat with the host family. The food is simple and mostly vegetarian, but usually delicious and you can be sure that it’s local, organic and hygienic. If you have one, you could bring a water purifying device, otherwise, water will be boiled for you.

Volunteer Trip packages.

Our Projects

Laptop Handover Program - Pristine Nepal
  • Teaching English in both government (public) & non-government (private) schools.
  • Providing computers for only public schools & computer lessons for both public & private schools.
  • Teaching & empowering women in women-alternative schools, which means women who couldn’t get a proper education in their early days due to various reasons like poverty & child marriage.

What is volunteering trip packages?

This trip packages are compulsory & designed only for those who come for volunteering in Nepal.
The reason behind making this package is that many volunteers want to explore the beauty of Nepal as well. This trip also serves as a refreshment. We got many requests to provide the travel packages before or after the volunteer service with the motive to contribute to the tourism sector of Nepal.

Our packages include:

What do we expect from you?

We request you to be respectful of the customs of your host family. Please let us know if you need anything or are unhappy about anything.

Thank you.

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    I want to become a Volunteer because this has been my dream and the feeling of Volunteering in very satisfying and rewarding specialy that I know that trough this action I can help those children to get to learn English. It is important to learn English because it’s an international language and for us to be globally competitive we should start learning English at our very young age. I am fortunate enough that I am capable of Speaking in English that’s why I want to help Children to also learn because I want them to express their thoughts trough English language that soon can help them in achieving their dreams. I believe that learning is the best instrument to Success.

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