After the massive earthquake in 2015, many people lost their lives, their homes, and their families including schools. It was a horrible catastrophe that even now we can’t forget. Thus, we know “we can’t undo what has been done…”, but we believed we can shape up what has been done. We believed even if it was little, we can give something to them, the “Hope”. Therefore, we started a free volunteering project to help rebuild the conditions in Nepal with the help of our current and former customers who really supported with their hearts.

Our free volunteering project was for people who suffered due to the earthquake as well as poverty. Similarly, people from rural areas were our main target for this project to be a success and thus succeeded. With the warm support from our customers we were able to provide the following helps:
Teaching English – providing English lessons in rural schools or in developed cities like Kathmandu area
Computer Lessons – sharing your hardware and programming skills
Computer Labs – repair, build and upgrade a computer lab
But we can’t stop here.

New Project: Charity Tour

By providing volunteer tour for 3 years we managed to educate the rural area peoples. As well as we manage to provide some types of equipment such as computers, laptops, tin roofing for shelter, pipe of drinking water with the help of our customers. Now we are focusing for a charity tour to raise funds for school developments in rural areas.

Our charity tour will not be expensive than normal tour. Of course, you will enjoy the adventure with us by doing a charity tour and similarly, you will also be able to help the students in rural schools. The profit from charity tours will be utilized for the development of rural schools.

What types of development?

Well, first of all, people who want to do a charity tour needs to know how your money will be utilized and where. Therefore, the first priority of this project is to provide the details about how we will utilize it and where.
First, we will be:
Providing Books & copies= Books and copies are the fundamental needs for students but due to poverty in rural areas most of the students cannot afford it. We have been providing those basic stationery things to poor students on mountain areas (Shree Mahendrodaya Secondary School, Mulpani-9, Dhading). Therefore, we will be providing books & copies for the students continuously.

Providing Teachers= Teachers are the main source of education, with the help of the students get motivated and learn. We have been hiring Math/Science teacher to Shree Sradda Woman Alternative School, Thulo Bharang- Kathmandu. We will pay to English and computer teacher to improve education in a rural area.

Providing computers and laptops= In this generation, technology is the most important needs for students to learn fast and new things. Including technologies in the education field can refine the talent of students. So, we will also provide it.
Providing Sports= Education only can’t develop the talents of students. Students always should improve their second skills like sports. Therefore, providing different types of sports as well as building sports ground in schools can help the students.
Providing Health Camp= People in rural areas usually don’t go to the hospital for check-ups until their health is in serious condition. And that’s why we believe providing health check-up time to time in those areas can help both students and the public.
Providing awareness= Creating a program for public awareness is also the part for giving education. Making aware of false society established in rural areas is the main reason for providing this type of awareness program.


This charity is for the schools which we and our team are working for 3 years. We are currently providing support to Shree Mahendrodaya Secondary School located in Mulpani- Dhading and some schools in Kathmandu.

Our main aim is to provide help to the needy people, to refine the students of the rural areas, to make people capable in their future and provide them safety. Therefore, we don’t seek any free donations all the time, we just want you to enjoy while doing good works. Thus, we created this charity tour to make it possible.

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