In, 1975, Colonel Jimmy Roberts introduced trekking in Nepal for the first time. He is also known as “father of trekking” in Nepal. Since then, trekking tourism has been famous all over the world and Nepalese are becoming good hosts too.

Country Nepal is well known all over the world due to its different trekking spots. Similarly, among those 14 highest mountains above 8,0000m, eight mountains lie in Nepal. And not only this, but Nepal is also blessed with lots of natural beauties that can’t be found in any corner of other countries.

These all-natural beauties of Nepal motivated people like us to make traveler’s destination easier and started to establish trekking or tour agencies. That is why travelers can find a lot of options for choosing trekking agencies in Nepal with experienced guides and potters. Also, in present condition trekking has been one of the most fascinated employment among the youths.


Pristine Nepal Treks and Expedition is also one of the trekking agencies in Nepal which deals with making adventurers from all over the world’s trekking easier and memorable. This trekking agency provides you with an experienced trekking guide along with porter if you want. Similarly, most of the guides are young with the age group of 20-45. Also, the owner of this agency himself is in the 30s.

The word ‘Pristine ‘refers to ‘Spotless’. We choose to keep the name of the company ‘Pristine’ because Nepal itself is an unspoiled and pure country. In simple words, Nepal can be called an untouched country and this motivated us to keep the name of our company “Pristine”.

History of Pristine Nepal:

Pristine Nepal Treks and Expedition was established by Chin Bahadur Thapa Magar in 2016 AD with the help of shareholder Ganesh Bhakta Magar.

The owner of this company himself has been involved in this trekking field since 2002 AD. He is licensed trekking plus the tour guide. He has a lot of experience of trekking and knows every trekking spot of Nepal.

Address and contact:

Pristine Nepal Treks and Expedition lies in Bhagwan Bahal 117, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. Thamel is one of the most famous parts of Kathmandu city which is well known as a tourist hub. Here, tourists can find everything they want from small grocery to big shopping malls and of course hotels as well as local agencies.

We are available at Viber and Whatsapp with a 9860152876 contact number. Our mails is [email protected] In addition, you can find us on Facebook as Pristine Nepal – Treks & Expedition, on Instagram as _fearlesstraveler_ and our website is

Objectives of Pristine Nepal:

  1. Pristine Nepal Treks and Expedition manages mountain climbing, trekking, boating, rafting, rock climbing and so on to their international and national visitor.
  2. Providing tour guide for guests.
  3. Manages accommodation for each and every guest whether he/she is a national or international one.
  4. Giving opportunities for guests to observe culture, religious and ancient places with an experienced tour guide.
  5. Giving contribution to the tourism sector of Nepal by always promoting cultural heritage among guests.
  6. Giving facility of emails, fax, telephone and internet facilities to guests.
  7. Working as a sub-agent of legally authorized money exchange companies.
  8. Giving the facility of transportation to the guest.
  9. At last, booking tickets for airways, railways, and roadways for guests.


Pristine Nepal is dedicated to give the best travel and trekking services. We always think about our guest satisfaction and safety. This company is operated by a dynamic team of tourism experts. Last but not least, we are devoted to the sustainability of nature and uplifting society.

Despite being a profit motive local agency, this agency has also separate space for providing volunteers for the needy place. This company has its own homestay for volunteers. Volunteers are supposed to help differently able persons, can teach at women school of Kathmandu and also can go remote area’s school for teaching.