When it comes to trekking or doing rough adventures then Nepal is the best country for all those activities. Due to the best locations of thousands of peaks and mountains in Nepal, it can be your best choice.
On the basis of this, you can find lots of local trekking agencies in Nepal to help foreign trekkers; providing expert Nepalese trekking guides and porter facilities.

Everest Base Camp, being a popular trek in Nepal, over 30,000 tourists visits here within a year. However, there are thousands of trekking agencies in Nepal.

Likewise, every agency will provide you the best deals and packages according to your desire. But how do you choose the best of the best from all those trekking agencies?


How to know the best trekking agencies in Nepal?

In the present condition, there are a lot of trekking agencies in Nepal. The tourism sector has become a very important source of income for youths in Nepal. As well as those who work as trekking guide they also build own trekking agencies too.

When searching for best trekking agencies in Nepal for Everest Base Camp you must know about some criteria which should be fulfilled by trekking agencies to be the best trekking agency. The criteria are mentioned and explained below:

Membership of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) and government authorization

Trekking agencies in Nepal must have an active registration with Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Nepal Government to conduct tourism service. Investigate about agencies’ valid license and authorities. Some agencies might have an old registration certificate and even some agencies might have been banned from such tourism services.

You must check for valid legal documents of those agencies first. The legal documents will look like this. “Legal documents”

Guides & porters they provide:


Best trekking agencies should provide experienced guides and porters for you. Because your trekking journey depends on the guides & porters they provide.

What if you got an experienced guide but no English speaking? What if your guide has a bad behavior like drinking alcohol while trekking?

With good English speaking and handling even worse situations, you will get the best experience on your journey. That is why you should have information about the guide you will get when booking.

Similarly, make sure that the guide has a professional license as well as do some inquiries about guide. Here’s how guides can be checked if they are professional or not?

Sustainable trekking

Best trekking agencies take good care of the environment and their staff which is an initial step to make trekking sustainable. Similarly, ensure that the company obeys the following policy of guide and porter:

-First Aid
-Leadership training for guide
-Ensure the company doesn’t include the child as porters
-Fair wages

-You should also check if the agency supports local lodges, supports local products and cultures too which may help you to make your trek sustainable.

However, being a responsible trekker, one should attempt to find the dedication of agency and promote sustainable trekking.

Experience of Company and wages to the worker

To select one of the best trekking agencies among all those service providers, the experienced level of agencies plays main role. If management does not know trekking, geography, weather, recent situation of trekking areas; they cannot provide good service and the right information.

There are lots of trekking agencies in Nepal and mostly provide cheap price than other agencies. That is why there are different types of prices in the market while choosing a tour operator. But if someone is offering the lowest price; you should understand they will not have better services. They are not paying good wages to their workers. Workers cannot speak for their rights due to the unemployment problem. If you are also following for cheapest price; maybe you are also participating to suppress workers.



Reviews are the main source of information to find about the agencies you want to choose. You can find reviews of those agencies from different sources.

A good review means you can trust that agencies and bad reviews mean that you have to re-think. However, you can find lots of reviews of lots of agencies as well as low reviews sometimes. But you should not think that more reviews mean good agency and low review mean bad. Reviews can be written in favor as well.

New established agencies will always have low reviews but they might be better than others. Therefore, even if the review is low, you should check how people have said about the services of those agencies.


Inquiries can be made through email, calls and any other social media. The information about contact can be found on each agency’s website.

While sending some inquiry, instead of focusing on discounts, focus on the service they will provide you with all of your money.

Above mentioned point can help you to find the best trekking agencies in Nepal that will help you to make your trek incredible. But there are some international trekking agencies which highlight the trekking in Nepal. Therefore, people get confused about whether local agencies are best or international agencies is best and that is why below is the difference between them:

What is the difference between local trekking agencies and international trekking agencies?

Local trekking agencies deal only with destinations within their country. Whereas, international agencies deal with those travelers who prefer visiting different countries. So, the difference between local trekking agencies and international trekking agencies are mentioned below:

Local Trekking AgenciesInternational Trekking Agencies
They are registered under the Government of Nepal. Similarly, they have membership of Trekking Agencies Association Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board.As per law international agencies must be affiliated with a national agency.
Travelers can directly contact the local companies through individual websites.International agencies are mediators between travelers and local agencies.
Local agencies offer travelers experienced guides and team members.International agencies make travelers pay only for what travelers are getting.
Local agencies provide the best information about the destinations.International agencies may not provide you appropriate information about the destination.
Their major focus remains on maintaining the best services and preservation of the local destination.Their focus is not on a particular destination. As well as, travelers have a chance to miss out on a must-visit location.
Travelers can make their own itinerary according to their own style and time.Usually, international agencies have own fixed itinerary.
The local agency provides the traveler with the best possible trip plan on the basis of the number of participants. International agency can provide traveler best possible trip plan but not on the basis of the number of participants. Which means number of participants is fixed?

Why should trekkers go through travel agencies to Everest Base Camp trek?

First of all, Everest Base Camp trek is the most popular trek in Nepal but also one of the difficult treks in Nepal. Around 30,000 tourists trek in Everest Base Camp annually and most of them go through the trekking agencies of Nepal.

You can choose local trekking agencies or international trekking agencies to trek in Everest Base Camp. However, trekking from local agencies is the best way to trek in Everest Base Camp because it will be cheap and safe. In the end, international agencies also hire local trekking agencies in Nepal for Nepal trips.

Likewise, local agencies provide the most experienced mountain guides who will provide lots and lots of information about Everest and many things about the destination.

Travel agencies will give you up-to-date news about Everest like; how is weather in Everest, how is the condition of trekkers, what should be done and what shouldn’t be done during Everest Base Camp, what kind of gears are used and so on. So, trekkers should go through local trekking agencies to Everest Base Camp trek.

Is it safe to book Everest Base Camp trek through Nepal local trekking agencies?


Local agencies are the main company established to provide the route pass in those destinations. After booking your trekking with Nepal’s local trekking agencies there is no chance of getting confused or thinking twice about being safe or not.

Local agencies have a better understanding of all the activities, news, weathers and many more of Everest Base Camp.

Similarly, they’ll provide you with experienced guides who know about the way towards Everest Base Camp. Of course, whatever you pay for your trip it goes to local. You should not face any mediator.

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