Safe Nepal

Yes, Nepal is the safest country to travel be it solo or group travel. Many of the travelers that tour Nepal will tell you that Nepal is actually the safer to visit. The political condition is stable & the crime rate is very low as well. People are very friendly & helpful. You might get travel hassle in remote areas because of rough roads and a few modes of transport but at the same time, you can enjoy that part too.
However, there are several issues where travelers should take considerable care when traveling. Most especially, extra care should be taken if you are planning on trekking alone in the Himalayas. And if you are a solo female traveler, we suggest you not to travel alone since there are some cases of sexual harassment. It is always better to travel to Nepal with your friends or guide. Also, you should also be aware of the fraud, scams & theft while traveling alone.
But if you are accompanied by the Nepali guide or travel agency or traveling in a group then don’t worry, just travel & explore freely.

Here are some things that you must look in while traveling in Nepal :

When trekking alone in the Himalayan
Trekking alone in Himalayan

The first thing to do when trekking in Nepal is to take Trekking insurance, well not important, but just in case something does happen. Trekking in Himalayan is always a fun & adventure but we can never be sure of the landslide or avalanche, in rare circumstances. Also, the most common problem is altitude sickness & damage to legs and ankles due to cold. There is a high chance of forgetting the route & go missing if you are trekking alone for the first time.
It is best to take a guide with you but if you cannot afford one then you can always travel with other groups heading towards the same destination. Also, it is better to let people know where you are going, especially your family and friends, and stay in touch with.

Solo Female Traveler
Girl travelling alone

If you are a solo female traveler you should take extra care of yourself. Not only while trekking in the mountains alone but also while you are traveling in the other remote parts of the country. You can be the victim of rape or sexual harassment, in rare circumstances. Nightlife in Nepal is very exciting & for sure you don’t want to miss that part but be cautious during night time & try to avoid bars & night clubs if possible. Instead, you can go to restaurants & cafes that have live music, as there is no stigma attached to eating alone.
However, it is best to have someone close by your side every time or you can always dial 100 & inform local police if something went wrong.

Don’t over show-off

In most part of Asia, there is a misconception of thinking westerners as rich people & that is also a case in Nepal. They are always looking for the opportunity to cheat you. In this context when you try to show off you are inviting yourself to an unwanted situation. Sometimes the situation can go pretty worse. It is always better to travel to Nepal by cab or bus rather than walking but be aware of the surrounding around you. You can be charged double by the cab drivers or you can encounter pick-pocketers on the local bus. Stay alert.

Just in case, it is better to have these emergency numbers, for the police or emergency medical and evacuation services :
  • Tourist Police, Bhrikutimandap – Tel:+977-1-4247041
  • Tourist Police, Thamel – Tel:+977-1-4700750
  • Tourist Police, Basantapur – Tel:+977-1-4268969,4269452
  • Tourist Police, Pokhara – Tel:+977-61-521087
  • Tourist Police, Belhiya – Tel:+977-71-520197
  • Police Headquarter Operation, Naxal – Tel:+977-1-4412780,4411549
  • Metro Police Control, Ranipokhari – Tel: 100, 120, 130
  • Department of Immigration, Kalikasthan – Tel:+977-1-4433934,4429660
  • Tourism Crisis Unit – Tel:+977-97510-44088
  • Nepal Tourism Board, Bhrikutimandap – Tel:+977-1-4256909
  • Nepal Tourism Board, Pokhara – Tel: +977-61-465292,463029
  • Himalayan Rescue Association – Tel:+977-1-4440292,4440293

In Nepal guest are like gods and it’s pronounced “Atithi Devo Bhava”. We wish you a happy journey in Nepal. Happy ” Nepal Visit Year 2020