Top 10 Reasons why you should do the Everest Base Camp Trek: 2021


The Everest Base Camp Trek is perhaps the most trekked destination around the globe after Tenzing Norgay Sherpa & Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit of Mt. Everest. From the lifestyle of Sherpa to the breathtaking scenery of nature reflecting heaven in land, there is no reason to deny the Everest Base Camp trek. But have you considered any reasons why you should do the Everest Base Camp Trek?

If you belong to those adventurous people, then no other country can reach your beyond imagination except Nepal, the paradise for mountaineers. Basically, most people might not believe that Nepal provides a variety of mountain climbing experiences.

But 8 out of 10 highest mountains is located in Nepal including 1,310 peaks which are over 6,000m in height. Unfortunately, Nepal Government has given permission for mountaineering to approx. 326 mountains so far. Whereas, out of those mountains 103 has been already climbed including Mt. Everest.

Eight Highest Mountain Name located in Nepal:

  1. Mt. Everest(8,848.86M)
  2. Kanchenjunga(8,586m)
  3. Lhotse(8,516m)
  4. Makalu(8,481m)
  5. Cho Oyu(8,201m)
  6. Dhaulagiri(8,167m)
  7. Manaslu(8,163m)
  8. Annapurna I (8,091m)

Without any sweat; finding the reasons, here are my point of view about “Top 10 reasons why you should do the Everest Base Camp Trek” mostly in 2021.

Lukla Flight: Dangerous Airport in the World


The first reason to trek towards Everest Region is the Lukla flight which is known as Tenzing Hillary Airport, situated at an elevation of 2,860m (9,830ft) above sea level. Even though it’s a dangerous flight, it is a straightforward and shortest way to reach Lukla.

But do you know what makes it thrilling to fly to Lukla? Because it is located at the highest elevation on a sloping runway. Besides, the runway is considered the world’s shortest runway.

During trekking season, airport flights take place on the basis of the condition of the weather. This means if the weather gets worse then you won’t have any other option rather than to wait for the weather to get clear.

Sherpa Culture, Festivals, Lifestyle


Nepal is famous all over the world because of its cultural diversity (having 125 different ethnic groups). Among them, Sherpa culture in the Everest region is considered as oldest and unique. Similarly, the festivals and customs they reflect in the Everest region are amazing & incredible.

If you have done some research about mountaineering in Nepal then Sherpa people come in the first place for their strong mountaineering abilities.

As for their festivals, the main festival of Sherpa is the Mani Rimdu festival which falls between Mid-Oct to Mid-Nov. Fortunately, if you are trekking between that month you can experience the Mani Rimdu festival which is 10/10 if I rate.

Sagarmatha National Park: UNESCO Heritage

Credit=  Jessica Weiller 

Sagarmatha National Park is one of the world heritage sites listed in UNESCO. It is otherwise called the lap of Mt. Everest and for having all the panoramic views of mountains including Mt. Everest. The major attraction of this national park is being surrounded by deep canyons, massive rocks, and Himalayan glaciers.

Talking about wildlife in Sagarmatha National Park, visitors can normally spot animals such as musk deer, wolf, ghoral/goral, and the Himalayan black bear. While, endangered species include snow leopard, red panda, lophophoru/ Himalayan monal (national bird of Nepal) and the satyr tragopan (crimson horned pheasant) can rarely be seen. As well as it is the home to more than 118 species of birds.


Similarly, flora and fauna are also diverse in the Sagarmatha National Park. You can enjoy the dense forest of pine, oak, silver fir, birch, juniper trees, and the national flower of Nepal rhododendron.

Anyway, which season/month is the best to visit Sagarmatha National Park you ask?

The best season/month to visit Sagarmatha National Park is Spring which falls under the month of mid-March to mid-May and Summer which falls under October to November.

Highest Monasteries having historical background


Everest region is influenced by the Buddhist religion. While journeying, Trekkers can come across lots of little Gumbas/Monasteries by which you can assume how strongly they are influenced by Lord Buddha. One can say that the Everest region is decorated full of prayer flags and a mani wall which takes you to the next level of beauty. In the region of natural beauty, these artificial thing makes Everest region fragrance in gold.

reasons why you should do the everest base camp trek

Basically, the most famous monastery in the Everest region is Tengboche Monastery. It is also one of the largest and the oldest monasteries of Nepal. The main reason for the Tengboche monastery being well known is its main festival Mani Rimdu. You can remove your curiosity about the Tengboche monastery by reading our Tengboche Monastery blog,

Amazing Landscapes Views during EBC Trek


Everest region provides you an exceptional view of mountains unlike other trekking regions of Nepal. This is the main focus point that attracts people towards it. The amazing views of mountains i.e Nuptse, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, and Mt. Everest reflects are out of the league.

Nothing makes travelers happy other than having an opportunity to evaluate outstanding views of mountains, especially the famous Khumbu Icefall.

Even though you can’t have amazing panoramic views from Everest Base Camp, Kalapathar is the best place to quench your thirst for a 360° view of all mountains including Mt. Everest.

Aspiring and highest Three High Passes


This one is best, if you love to do something adventurous and thrilling then besides Everest Base Camp these three highest passes are the best option for you within the Everest region range.

The trek is eighteen days long with challenges and a rewarding journey that offers you all the best views of the Everest region. All the sacrifices and all your hardship will be paid for with all those eye-catching views. So, the name of three mountains passes are:

  1. The Cho La Pass (5400m)
  2. The Kongma La Pass (5535m)
  3. The Renjo La Pass (5360m)

If you have trekked before I guess you know how hard it is and fun to trek at the same time. And conquering anything without suffering from any kind of difficulties? It isn’t the style of trekkers.

If you are adventurous and are trying to go beyond your limit then why not trek these Everest three high passes?

Gokyo Ri/Gokyo Peak


Gyoko Ri is the highest peak in the Everest region. It lies at an elevation of 5,357m above sea level. Gyoko Ri is the most visited trek site after three high passes trek and Everest Base Camp trek.

Traveling through Gokyo Ri is the best alternative trail to Everest Base Camp which clearly offers you a stunning view of mountains along with lakes and glaciers.

From the summit of Gokyo Ri, trekkers can evaluate the four highest mountains: Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Cho Oyu. It is an alternative trekking route to those trekkers who don’t love to be in a crowded place and is introvert. So, if you’re a person who doesn’t want to be bothered while trekking, then the Gokyo Ri trek is best

Gokyo Lake


Gokyo lake is a very famous destination among tourists. It lies at an elevation of 4,790m and is a two-day uphill walk from Namche Bazaar. It is also popular due to its religious significance too.

Hindus and Buddhists consider this lake as a sacred lake where Snake God resides. That is why Natural wildlife and birds are protected in this area due to traditional beliefs.

Similarly, annually 7,000 tourist visit the Gokyo lake. If there is anyone who trekked to Gokyo Lake then you most ask them about their experience, which will thrill you. For the spectacular views you must not miss the chance to trek to Gokyo Lake.

Perfect Place to stay disconnect

reasons why you should do the everest base camp trek

In this 21st century, who doesn’t knows about the internet and social media? Even the kids now are used to of internet. They don’t know the feelings of playing with clays and hide and seek. But that is not their mistake. We adults too cannot stay away from our mobile Especially away from the internet.

Are you trying to find some refreshment from all those technologies? If yes, there is no other place than the Everest region which can reach your expectation of refreshment. You will be overwhelmed and know the life of another side of the world.

Safe and Unspoiled


Nepal is an underdeveloped country and you might think that trekking to Nepal isn’t a good option. But most of the trekking region in Nepal is unspoiled preserving its authenticity. Among the safest tourist destination in Nepal, the Everest region counts in. Everest region will always be a remote and rugged part of the world.

During the journey, trekkers won’t have any difficulties finding hotel and accommodation although ATM machine is only available in Lukla and Namche Bazaar.

In my view, the Everest region will always be a thrilling adventure even after 100 visits. It will always have the best panoramic vistas around the globe. If you are thinking to travel the Everest region then there is no need to think twice; just pack your bag, fly to Nepal and contact us.

*Note=While trekking or travelling at any places in the world, let’s not forget to keep the environment clean.

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