Where is Mount Everest routes?


At first, there are two Mount Everest routes which are North ridge and south ridge.
But this Mount Everest routes are not safe because, if it was; then everyone would have climbed it. Therefore, both the North ridge of Tibet & South ridge of Nepal is considered deadly in their own way. If you take the Everest from North Ridge then you will have to face extreme cold, more altitude issues than the south ridge and considered as hard than south.

Likewise, from the south ridge, you will have to face Khumbu snowfalls which are considered deadly due to the possibilities of an avalanche. From the comparison of both North & South ridge, the south ridge is considered a direct steep ascent to the summit and technically easy than the north ridge. Whereas, most of the climbers take the south ridge route to climb Mt Everest beginning at 17,598 ft from Everest Base Camp.

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