Where is Mount Everest Base Camp located?

Where is Mount Everest Base Camp located?

After the successful summit in Mt. Everest by Tenzing Sherpa and Edmund Hillary, Everest Base Camp has been a popular destination all over the world. Everest Base Camp is also known as EBC in short form. The astounding closer views of snow mountains and lush vegetation is worth to be visited here. Similarly, EBC is the highest base camp ever recorded in the whole world. Moreover, it is a lifetime opportunity to achieve this highest base camp. So, “Where is Mount Everest Base Camp located” that have been the bucket list for many peoples.

Where is Mount Everest base camp?

The popular trekking destination; Mount Everest Base camp is located in Solukhumbu district of country Nepal “28°00’21.9″N 86°51’09.7″E”. And Nepal is one of the South Asian countries located between India and China.

With the max elevation of 5,364m, Everest Base Camp is situated on the east side of Nepal near Mount Everest mountain.

where is Mount everest base camp

You may also find two different max elevation when searching for Everest Base Camp altitude. One will say it’s 5,364m and another will show you 5,545m max elevation. But the thing is; the max elevation 5,545m is calculated adding the altitude of Kalapathar too.

And the exact altitude of EBC is 5,364m but if you trek to EBC including Kalapathar then it will be 5,545m max elevation. So, don’t get confused.

Similarly, if you search on Google Maps about the location of Mount Everest Base Camp then you will find an exact match like Everest camp II, Everest Base Camp III and IV also. But trekking is only available at Everest Base Camp I only. The other Base camp II, III and IV are for doing Mt. Everest expedition only.

So, this topic covers the Everest Base Camp I only which is the first base camp when doing the expedition.

Similarly, being the busiest trekking destination of Nepal; around 35,000 people visit in Everest base camp and are still increasing rapidly. Roughly, Mount Everest Base Camp is 65km (41 miles) far from Lukla and 200km (125 miles) far from Kathmandu. That is why it will take up to 12 to 14 days to complete this whole Everest Base Camp trek.

Why Everest Base Camp is the famous trekking trail?

Everest Base Camp is the famous trail left by Tenzing Sherpa and Edmund Hillary after their great accomplishment on May 29, 1953. It’s very confusing, “Why EBC is the famous trekking trail after that”. Maybe it’s to honor their accomplishment, or it’s the scenery, that drives people towards it to climb.

Or maybe it’s Everest Base Camp height that people want to reach once in their lifetime. But whatever the reason that makes the Everest Base Camp a famous trail – the unique geographical structure – 100 years’ oldest culture & Traditions will be the main attraction.

Likewise, Everest Base Camp is considered one of the challenging, daring, and exciting adventure in the world. The pristine nature, rocky trails, panorama views, lush vegetations, glacier lakes, and unique vibes are indeed an exotic sight you can get in while trekking in EBC. And there are even more that can’t be described with words only.

At the time of the Autumn season and Spring season, EBC gets loaded with the natural gifts. The weather becomes favorable and you can enjoy nature to its full. Basically, EBC turns into paradise at the time of Autumn and Spring season.

where is Mount everest base camp

Furthermore, the best thing about Everest Base Camp is the oldest ethnic cultures and traditions remaining there. The lifestyle of people living there and the traditions they follow can teach lots of things about the past. Similarly, most of the area is little developed to meet the customer’s need but the culture & traditions remain the same.

Perhaps one of the best things about Everest Base Camp trek is that it is a budget trek. With a minimum of $970 for 14 days, you can enjoy this trek with moderate services.

Everest Base Camp may be the bucket list for many people, but the comparison to other treks in Nepal like Manaslu Circuit trek, Annapurna trek, Langtang trek, it is similar. Rather than this high-altitude destination area, there are other short altitude trekking places also. But unfortunately, due to lack of promotion of other trekking destinations, more than 70 percent of tourists visit Everest Base Camp only. Therefore, consider looking at other trekking destination areas of Nepal also before leaving. We guarantee that another trip will also give you the same experience as the EBC trek.

Best Things to Do in Everest Base Camp

EBC trek is not only about having a hard time walking for a minimum of 5 hours. Rather than just trekking in EBC, sightseeing, and relaxing, there are lots of interesting things you can do.

Here is the list of interesting places you can visit while trekking:

  • Visit the Sherpa Museum in Namche Bazar.
  • Hike to Syangboche for Everest Viewpoint when staying in Namche Bazar.
  • Meet the students in the Khumjung School which is built by Edmund Hillary.
  • Visit the Tengboche Monastery which is the oldest monastery ever established.
  • Hike to Nagarjuna Peak or also called Nangkartshang Peak when staying at Dingboche

Pro Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek:

Remember, you are trekking to Everest Base Camp with 5,364m of altitude. And you will face many problems when trekking to EBC also. If you are not careful, you might have to head back without completing your full trip also.
That is why getting useful pro tips can help you get many information about what to “do’s and don’ts” about EBC also. The more you learn, the more you earn which means that having more information can be very helpful.

We created these pro tips for Everest Base Camp after consulting with professionals, customers and our own 15 years of experience.

Health Tips:

Trekking & Hiking

Everest Base Camp is located at 5,364m of altitude which is why this trek is difficult. Despite being a popular trek in the world, it has its own demerits. There are a lot of health problems you may face during trekking in Everest Base Camp. Altitude sickness, bruises, fever, diarrhea, and some injuries are the health problem you may experience.

Best Everest Base Camp Health Tips:

Learn about the altitude sickness and its cure. If you don’ know about the symptoms of altitude sickness then how can you get alert. Similarly, don’t forget to do the health insurance/travel insurance which will cover the 6,000m of altitude problems. Also, bring the right gear and equipment when trekking. Warm clothes including a Health kit box, sunscreen, cold cream, trekking poles, bandages, toilet papers, and some sanitizer will be very helpful.

Safety tips:

Yak rails in Everest Base Camp

Health tips and Safety tips are different topics when trekking to Everest Base Camp. When trekking to EBC, you may encounter some wild animals, Yaks, Yak caravans, suspension bridges, and some local peoples. If you face these things in your way then there are many tips you should follow to be safe. Precaution is very important because there are many negative reports about health risks by these.

Best Everest Base Camp Safety tips:

Some parts of the Everest Base Camp trail have a long suspension bridge that looks dangerous. If you walk in it then it will be a little jumpy, but don’t be afraid. However, be alert when you see Yak caravans/trains in your way because they will hit you. Sometimes, you may encounter Yak caravans in your trail also. At that time, always lean on the sidewall to leave the way.

Likewise, always walk slowly when trekking upward because there is a very low oxygen level. Don’t forget to drink lots of water to avoid altitude sickness problems or dehydration. And respect the locals.

Foreign Money or Currency exchange Tips in Nepal:


Changing foreign money or currency when traveling is a real headache. Mostly, when exchanging your foreign currencies in Nepal, it is very confusing. Even though the Nepal government has set the rate, you will find different charges in different places.

But if you want to do Nepal money exchange then banks are the best place to do. Despite having lots of Money exchange counters in Thamel, Nepal; I recommend you to choose banks. Before going to trek in Everest Base Camp also, consider about what to take and how much. However, it also depends on the commission they charge you when exchanging money.

Foreign Currency exchange tips for Everest Base Camp:

The best place to do money exchange in Nepal for tourists is in the Thamel area. In Thamel, there are Mega Bank and Everest Bank to exchange your money with fewer charges. Similarly, I recommend you to choose the right time to exchange money instead of choosing the right place.

Likewise, Everest Base Camp is not a highly developed area where you can exchange your money anytime. If you are trekking in EBC then you have to bring Nepali currency with you. Megabank or Everest Bank is located near the Thamel area for foreign currency exchange. So, it’s easy to exchange currency in Nepal.

Moreover, bring a debit card, credit card or any backup card in case you lost your money or security. Similarly, taking a card with you is safer than taking cash while trekking/traveling in Nepal. But when going to Everest Base Camp, bring the local cash with you.

Put some energy booster:

EBC Trekking snacks

Located in the Himalayan region of Khumbu district, Everest Base Camp temperature is very cold. And due to the cold temperature also, you may not feel hungry most of the time. People also don’t feel appetite in this Everest region. But it is very important to eat when trekking because you will lose lots of stamina when trekking in Everest Base Camp.

Likewise, Everest Base Camp is a long trek where you have to walk for 5 hours minimum per day. Now, remember how much your energy will be wasted while trekking in EBC. Moreover, there are no shops or stores in the EBC trail where you can buy foods to recharge your energy. You will only have 3 meals per day i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Best Energy tips for Everest Base Camp trek:

When trekking to EBC, the most important thing you will need is stamina. Without any stamina in your body, you can’t walk any further. And that’s where the energy booster snacks or foods come in handy. Bringing some glucose powder, chocolates, or any energy boost drinks are very useful when trekking in Nepal or EBC. Similarly, most of the trekking agencies like ours also provide fruits for dessert after dinner. Fruits are very useful to maintain your diet while traveling/trekking.

Maintain your hygiene:

Hygienic rule in EBC

When trekking to Everest Base Camp, you have to maintain your physical fitness as well as mental fitness. Maintaining your health status is the main importance you should give while trekking in Nepal. If you get sick in the Everest region then sadly you have to return back. That is why there are certain pro tips regarding maintaining your hygiene.

Best Everest Base Camp tips to maintain your hygiene:

Using Sanitizer is the first tip when trekking in Everest Base Camp. Due to cold weather in EBC, you may not use cold water all the time. That is why using sanitizer will keep all the germs free. Similarly, don’t eat meat after you cross Namche Bazar because the meat is not fresh there. Local people bring meats at higher altitudes taking a minimum of 4-5 days. So, after eating that old meat can cause food poisoning.

Similarly, when drinking water, use steripen (water filter) and don’t drink water from taps. Also, follow the guide tips for more precautions.

Flight Tips:

Kathmandu to Lukla Airport

If possible, always go from Kathmandu to Lukla instead of Ramechhap to Lukla. Because when going from Ramechhap to Lukla it will consume more time than Kathmandu to Lukla.

From Kathmandu to Lukla, it will take only 30min but from Ramechhap, you have to travel to Ramechhap first. And it will take 4 hours minimum to reach Ramechhap from Kathmandu.

Best EBC tips for flight:

Now you may think that “it will be boring to take flight from Ramechhap”. Yes, it is tiresome and boring when traveling Ramechhap to take Lukla flight. Therefore, we recommend you to book the ticket ASAP.

Tell your trekking agency to book the ticket fast during peak seasons. SImilarly, book the EBC trek as soon as possible also.

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