Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost


“You are always incomplete without adventure in your life”

Who would not want to hike on the off-the-beaten-trail and lost in the serene beauty of Nepal Himalayas?

Yes, I am talking about one of the trending and popular trekking destinations in Nepal – Manaslu Circuit Trek. We have already published “A complete guide to Manaslu Circuit trek” article but here we will talk about “Manaslu Circuit trek cost” in depth.

A very upgrowing trekking route, rich in scenic beauty; Manaslu Circuit trek takes you to around the world’s 8th highest peak Manaslu (8,156m). For every travel wanderers, the  Manaslu Circuit is a lifetime chance to explore the unexplored side of Nepal.  

Every year the Manaslu Circuit attracts around 7000-8000 visitors. Moreover, the numbers are expected to increase more in the coming year especially from the “Visit Nepal 2020” campaign.

But I’ve found that a lot of visitors are in puzzle regarding the Manaslu Circuit trek cost. So, to clear out your mind, here I will answer where and how much will you spend during Manaslu Circuit trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Permits Cost:


You may probably know that every trekking destination in Nepal requires a permit depending upon the region.

Likewise being the restricted area of Nepal, you need three different kinds of the permit for Manaslu trek. In addition, to issue the permit you must have two or more than two trekkers (no individual) and a licensed holder trekking guide.

For Manaslu Circuit you need three different kinds of permits which are-

Permits Foreign SAARC
MCAP (Manaslu Conservation Area Project NRS 3000 / Approx. USD 30 NRS 1000
ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) NRS 3000 / Approx. USD 30 NRS 1000
Manaslu Restricted Permit (September-November) USD 100/week USD 100/week
Manaslu Restricted Permit (December-August) USD 75/week USD 75/week

-TIMS card is compulsory for every trekking regions.
-The permit fees are free for children under 10 years old.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Transportation Cost:

As Manaslu circuit is an off the beaten trail and lies in the remote part of west Nepal, there are no good transportation facilities. Your trek begins from Arughat or Soti Khola. And to reach these starting points, you have to go by local bus or hire a private jeep.

Similarly, going by local bus would charge you less than USD 10 per person to reach Soti Khola whereas it would cost you USD 200 to 240 by private jeep. You can reduce the cost fare for jeep by sharing with other trekkers.

As for returning back from Tal or Besisahar to Kathmandu, the cost is roughly the same. But in between Tal and Besisahar, you can find local jeeps which cost roughly NRS 1500 to 2000 for tourists and NRS 1500 for Nepalese.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Food and Drink Cost:


First, let me inform you that Manaslu is located in the remote part of Nepal. So, of course, transporting goods and foods are difficult here. That is why the cost is generally expensive than in city areas. If you have been to other treks in Nepal then you must be familiar with the pricing.

On top of that, the prices increase with the rise to an altitude. You have to budget roughly USD 5 to USD 7 per meal which will be USD 20 to USD 25 on a daily basis. Obviously, the expenses will vary depending on your appetite and the beverages you drink. Generally, the cost of breakfast is cheaper than lunch and dinner.

Similarly, the cost of a cup of tea or coffee is USD 1-4 and USD 2-4 respectively. Likewise, bottled water will cost you USD 0.5-4.

Remember the menu choices are limited in Manalsu Circuit Trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Accommodation/Teahouses Cost:

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

During Manaslu trek, finding accommodation is extremely easy as the trails are not very populated even in the peak trekking season.  There are enough teahouses run by local communities ready to welcome you. These teahouses provide you cozy rooms with warm delicious foods.

The rooms are provided on the basis of twins sharing and cost you roughly USD 6 to USD 9 a night. But if you want to have a single room, you have to pay the cost for two trekkers.

Likewise, camping treks are not necessarily needed but you can modify the trek do camping trek as well.

“Remember there is no such thing as 5-star hotels in this region.”

Manaslu Circuit Trek Guide and Porter Cost:


Manaslu trek is a highly restricted trekking region in Nepal. The solo trek is not allowed, meaning you must have two or more than two trekkers in your group. Without two-person on your group, you cannot issue the permit for this trek.

Other than this, the primary concern is that you should have a trekking guide to do Manaslu Circuit trek. 

Every local trekking agency in Nepal provides you guides and porters for this trek. On average the cost for the trekking guide is USD 22 to USD 25 per day (excluding tips). This includes guide food, accommodation, and insurance.

Is it possible to only trek with a porter in Manaslu?

Yes, if you want to take a porter instead of a guide then it is possible. However, the cost is not very much different. Roughly the cost for the porter is USD 18 to USD 24 per day which includes porter food, accommodation, and insurance. The benefit of having a porter guide is that they will carry your load and guide you through the trail at the same time.

But I highly recommend you to go with professional guide for safety reasons.

Other Miscellaneous Costs of Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Make sure you carry some extra money to cover the miscellaneous costs which include charging batteries and electronic devices, hot shower, wifi internet, and hot waters.  

Additionally, while visiting monasteries, gumba or stupa they may anticipate a bit donation for the maintenance of the area although it is not mandatory. Also, you might buy souvenirs during the trek or in Kathmandu.

Last but not the least, after finishing the trek your guide and porter also expects tips from you as gratitude. The tip cost is shared between the trekkers in your group.


Manaslu Circuit is gradually becoming the alternative to Annapurna Circuit Trek. Choose the best time for Manaslu Circuit trek, make plan and go there to experience the scenic natural beauty, lavish landscapes, traditional lifestyle which is untouched and unspoiled by modern civilization.

The above cost is not approximate as this is only to give you the general idea of how much you will be spending. The Manaslu trek cost differs according to the packages and travel agencies you choose. 

Unlike other international travel agencies which will charge you more than USD 2000, our agency is giving you 16 days Manaslu circuit trek at just USD 1090 (includes full board meals, guide and porter).

If you are interested in this trek with us then feel free to connect with us at

I can guarantee you that Manaslu Trek is full of adventures and thrills.

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