Namaste, Pristine Nepal presents you the information about Lukla which is the beautiful famous village of Nepal. Not only a village, but it is also the starting point of travelers to reach Everest. So, where is Lukla airport or Lukla, you can find in this blog:

Where is Lukla airport or Lukla located?

It is located at 2,800 meters (9,186 ft) above sea level on the lap of the mountain in the Pasang-Lhamu Municipality of Solukhumbu. Lukla is a small town in the Solukhumbu District of north-eastern Nepal. This place is also the home of Sherpa’s and you can find lots of Himalayan Yaks and donkeys. More than that, it is the place where the top 10 world’s dangerous Nepal airport is located known as Lukla airport. If you are confused about “where is Lukla airport” located then it is near the town of Lukla.


Climate of Lukla

It has a dry season from March to June and November to December. Similarly, both summer and rainy season fall in the month of June, July, August, and September. The warmest month is May and the coolest month is January on average. Also, the average temperature in Lukla is 9.6 °C.

From January to February, it is extremely cold and has a lot of snowfall sometimes. However, Autumn (October-December) and spring (March-May) seasons are most popular for trekking to Everest base camp.

For what, Lukla is famous?


Lukla is famous for its airport which is considered the top 10 deadliest airports in the world. Lukla airport or Tenzing-Hillary Airport is located at the altitude of 2,800 m (9,186 ft). Due to the location of the airport on the top of the hill, it is still considered dangerous when landing the plane. Likewise, the problem of unpredictable weather at Lukla airport is also the main fact that made it famous around the world.

Anyway, even if it’s dangerous it’s still the starting point and ending point for trekkers to reach the Everest Base Camp or Mount Everest and known as “Gateway towards Everest”.

Why Lukla Airport is dangerous?


The airport is surrounded on all sides by the flight of stairs with short runways. A short runway is a danger because a pilot has limited space for landing and taking off the plane. It is almost impossible to overshoot. Lukla lies approximately at 9,186 feet above sea level. And the higher the altitude the lower the air density which means the plane needs to land at a faster speed.

The weather in Lukla changes continuously over a period of time which is another reason for accidents.

But flight delays are not permanent. Flight delays are sorted out within a few hours or a day. However, in 2011 the airport gained attention when thousands of trekkers were trapped at Lukla for a week due to heavy fog.

Despite these incidents, Lukla is famous among trekkers. Instead of 3 days hike to Lukla from the nearest bus station (Salleri) people will obviously choose 35 minutes flight. Also, the views of the Himalaya from the plane are spectacular.

Why was Lukla airport known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport?

According to history, Edmund Hillary bought the land from local Sherpas and build the airport in 1964 with the help of local Sherpas. It is also said that Hillary wasn’t happy with runways soil because it was too weak; therefore, the only solution he was able to think was making Sherpas perform a foot-stomping dance to flatten the land. Amazingly, the Sherpa foot-stomping dance worked but the runway wasn’t paved until 2001.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay also started their journey to Mount Everest from Lukla and after their great contribution. For their great deeds, in January 2008, the airport was renamed in honor of Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary.

Time and Cost to reach Lukla.


Now, you may have already known that Lukla is the starting point of Everest Base Camp; and to reach Lukla you have to take a direct flight from Kathmandu or Ramechhap airport. Here, is the list of times and money you will spend to reach Lukla.

According to the table, you can see the difference between time but the price remains the same.

Kathmandu$175-$180 per flight35-40 min to reach Lukla airport.
Ramechhap$175-$180 per flight4 hours drive from Kathmandu-Ramechhap, 20 min to reach Lukla

At the time of the Peak season only, you will have to take the flight from Ramechhap to reach Lukla due to high traffic in Kathmandu airport. It will take 4 hours to reach Ramechhap airport from Kathmandu. However, the transportation price to reach Ramechhap is included in the flight ticket price which means you will be paying the ticket price only.

From Kathmandu, it will take 35-40 min to reach Lukla while the price being the same. If you want to book the ticket to reach Lukla from Kathmandu then you should contact your agency soon or you can contact for best deals and the first flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.

Some interesting facts about Lukla


Do you know some interesting facts about Lukla? Here are some interesting facts about Lukla:

-Lukla airport runway length is only 1,729 ft long whereas an airport runway needs a minimum 6,000 ft long.

-You should sit left side when flying to Lukla and right side when coming to Kathmandu for a scenic view.

The weather in Lukla changes in a minute; so it’s always unpredictable here.

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