Gokyo Ri


Gokyo Ri has unique small stone houses which are famous as one of the highest settlements in the world. Similarly, there are 7 Goyko lakes that are found in this area. Find more information below:

Where is Gokyo Ri?


Gokyo Ri is located on the west side of Ngozumpa Glacier also known as the largest glacier in Nepal. It is situated on the altitude of 5,357m (17,575 ft) at the Khumbu Region of Nepal. It is famous for its panoramic view of the other four highest Mountains which are above 8,000 meter high.

Most of the people get confused about, whether Gokyo Lake and Gokyo Ri are the same or different? however it’s different. Actually, Gokyo Lake lies in Gokyo Ri and it is the peak that is known as the highest Peak in Khumbu.



Gokyo Ri trek is a Moderate Alpine Peak Trekking in the Everest region. From this area, trekkers can enjoy the view of four 8,000metre peaks which are:
Mt. Everest (8,8484metres)
Lhotse (8,516metres)
-Makalu (8,463metres)
-Cho Oyu (8,201metres)

Likewise, you can witness the beautiful glacier lake, landscapes views, peaks, and beautiful nature.

Weather/Season in Gokyo Ri?

Even in the warmest months, this area has a very low temperature. -0.5°C is the average temperature in here, as well as 433mm, which is the average rainfall of this peak.


The hottest month of the year in July also, the average temperature in Gokyo Ri is 6.8°C. Likewise, -8.7 degree Celsius is the average temperature in January which is the lowest average temperature of the whole year. But the best month to have a trek in this area is in the Autumn season and WInter season.


Trekking in Gokyo Ri & Gokyo Lake is the most popular trek in Nepal and it is mostly done in the month of Sep-Nov and Mar-May. This is the best place to spend quality time with your friends if you like mountains, Landscapes, lush nature and adventure in your life.


If you want to trek here then it will take 8 days to reach there and extra 5 days to return back in Kathmandu. The label of this trek is medium and you can climb it without technical climbing skills. However, its little hard due to narrow rocky trails and slippery hills.

The routes to reach this peak are listed here and its only 12 days trek in Gokyo Ri & Gokyo Lake.

Best season to Trek here

The appropriate time to visit Gokyo Ri is in March-May (Spring Season) and September-November (Autumn Season). During these month trekkers can enjoy fantastic views of the mountains due to the clear sky. Furthermore, during the Spring season, trekkers can enjoy the Lush vegetation. The price can be negotiable and can be customized. however, we have some packages you can look at.



You can check more information about Gokyo Lake here. If you are new about trekking then you can do short altitude to test your abilities. Similarly, if you want to extend days or make your own itinerary then please send us an inquiry at info@pristinenepal.com

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