Everest Base Camp Trail

Everest Base Camp Trail

Everest Base Camp trail is the highest base camp in the world with a max elevation of 5,545m. About more than 30,000 trekkers trek in this base camp annually. It is also one of the difficult treks in Nepal.

However, it’s not hard as Kilimanjaro trek, upper Dolpo trek, Mesokanto trek, Rolwaling trek and many more which has less altitude.

But with the help of the right instruction from the right guide and agencies, you can have a safe trek in Everest Base Camp. Similarly, it’s one of the popular treks in the world. You can have an amazing experience in your life between nature.

So, if you planned to trek in Everest Base Camp then how hard can be the Everest Base Camp Trail?..you may think.

How hard is Everest Base Camp Trail?


First of all, you shouldn’t underestimate trekking in Nepal because without any experience it will be hard for you. Even though Everest Base Camp is hard, with a good understanding of trekking, you can do it properly.

And the Everest Base Camp trail can be categorized as medium to the hardest level according to the services you got i.e. best guide & porter, acclimatization day, clean bed & food, clear instructions and many more.

Similarly, you will have to be physically fit if you want to do any kind of trekking in Nepal. Believe me, there’s no long-flat trail or easy route, and most of the time you have to climb and climb and climb.

You have to walk about 6 hours minimum per day and there are problems like altitude sickness, dehydration possibilities, extreme coldness, unpredictable bad weathers and many more.

But you may ask why people still take Everest Base Camp trail?

Even though it’s hard, still more and more people are increasing in this region and they don’t care about all these things. Instead, they love it because they think it’s a pleasure; a new kind of challenge or daring that gives them goosebumps or give new kicks in their life.

When trekking in Everest Base Camp, it’s like being a part of mountains standing still with pride….it’s like winning a trophy/achievement in your life.

Don’t you want to leave your busy life and enjoy it once in a lifetime? Don’t you want to know how it feels to be surrounded by beautiful natures?
Just pack your bags and do it.

How many days will I need to complete the Everest Base Camp trail trek?

There are many Everest Base Camp itinerary packages you can find in Nepal. And all those packages are designed for beginners to pro trekkers. From minimum-10 days to your desire, you can complete the Everest Base Camp trail.

However, as I mention earlier that every itinerary is designed for beginners to pro, you have to choose the package wisely. Let’s talk about how you can choose your package.

If you are a beginner then a minimum 14 days itinerary will be great for you because you will have enough rest and acclimatization day, which is an essential activity for you. Similarly, you should be physically fit to do the Everest Base Camp trail trek.

Likewise, if you are a pro who has done some trekking at high elevation like 4000m-5000m or already done Everest Base Camp trekking then minimum of 10 days will be suitable for you.

Therefore, within 10 days you can complete the Everest Base Camp trekking if you are pro and 14 days for beginners.

You know what? You can do a helicopter tour to Everest if you don’t want to do lots of hard work like trekking in Everest Base Camp. Here’s how you can do Heli-tour in Everest.

Which is the best between Solo trekking and Group trekking?


You can do solo trekking or group trekking in Everest Base Camp but there’s some advice for you before taking this package.

Even though foreigners know about hiking, climbing or trekking skills; without trekking in Nepal, it will always be new for them in Nepal. Because there are no high mountains like in Nepal in another country and it’s 10 times more difficult.

If you haven’t done any trekking in Nepal or don’t have enough skills for trekking in Nepal then it’s better not to do solo trekking. Solo trekking is only for the professional’s trekkers who have trekked in Nepal more than 3 times in high altitudes.

If you want to do solo trekking in the Everest Base Camp trail or any other then first, you need to know the routes of those destinations. You should have enough skills for doing a solo trek.

Similarly, if you are not professional trekkers or travelers then taking a guide with you is the best. Even if you are in a group then hiring a guide & porter is recommended for you.

From group trekking, the price will be reduced and it’s safer than doing solo trekking in Everest Base Camp trail or any.
Now, you know which is the best way of doing trekking.

Which can be the best season for doing trekking in the Everest Base Camp trail?

MonthAverage TemperatureSeasonsWeathers
March 19-June 2015°C at Day and -10°C at nightSpring seasonWarm at day, clear sky.
June 21- Sep 2217°C at daytime & 5°C at nightSummer seasonToo much fog/mist. Slippery roads.
Sep 23- Dec 2120°C at day & -10°C at nightAutumn seasonDry winds, warm and clear sky
Dec 22- March 2015°C at day and -17°C at nightWinter seasonheavy snowfalls possibilities, extreme cold at night.

The best season for doing trekking in Everest Base Camp is the autumn season and Spring season. If you are willing to do trekking in monsoon and winter season then it’s very hard. Sometimes it goanna be impossible. Even if some company says you can do trekking in monsoon and Winter then please avoid it if possible.

Before taking the Everest Base Camp trail, there are certain things you need to know i.e. “what is the cost“, best tips and age limitation. If you want to know more than that, you can ask us at info@pristinenepal.com. Thank you.

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