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Everest base camp trek is undoubtedly an amazing trekking destination in the world. Whether it’s trekking, hiking, or thrill adventure you seek, Everest Base Camp trek is loaded with all of these features.

Even if it’s your first time or fifth time, you will enjoy trekking in Everest Base Camp as always. But, choosing the best place to stay in Everest Base Camp is a headache. Mostly at the time of peak season, trekkers find it very difficult to get accommodations in Everest Base Camp.

That is why we bring the best tips, information, accommodation, guide, in regards to “Best Everest Base Camp Tea houses to stay with your family, friends or single”.

So, where to stay in Everest Base Camp?

As a matter of fact, because of the topographical structure of Everest Base Camp, constructing five-star hotels or luxury hotels is very difficult here. But there are alternative places established like tea houses, lodges, and small hotels to stay in during the Everest Base Camp trek.

So, what is “Everest Base Camp TeaHouses”?

This question is the most frequently asked when there is a new traveler in Everest Base Camp Trek. So, basically, tea houses were the normal places that served food and night stay to trekkers with very basic services. Later, as time passed on, tea houses turned into hotels and lodges.

Tea Houses in EBC Route


Tea houses are one of the best options for accommodations while trekking in EBC. In spite of being a moderate place to stay, it is picking up reputation these days at trekking trails of Nepal.

On the other hand, you can get luxury to moderate types of services in tea houses. Likewise, it is the best place you can get in EBC to rest/sleep while trekking at the high elevation of EBC- 5,364m.

Similarly, from Lukla 2,800m to Gorakshep 5,180m, all the accommodation available there is a tea house. The thing that differs Everest Base Camp tea houses is the services they provide. Because, in the lower part of Everest Base Camp i.e. Lukla to Namche Bazar, you can find luxury tea houses. Whereas, from Namche Bazar to Gorakshep, tea houses are mostly moderate types.

So, what is the difference between luxury and moderate tea houses?

Luxury and Moderate tea houses in Everest Base Camp:

As the trekking in Nepal is continuously growing, the accommodations are also upgrading with the customer needs. That is why, being the top trekking destinations (Everest Base Camp), maintaining services as customer needs has become the main priority here.

If you ever trek to Everest Base Camp, then from Lukla to Namche Bazar, you will find the best luxury hotels/tea houses to stay. The rooms are well furnished including single and double bedrooms, attached bathrooms, lights, and carpets.

Likewise, from Namche Bazar to Everest Base Camp, the tea houses/lodges are moderate types but offers good services.

Here are some differences you can see between luxury and Moderate type of accommodation in Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp rooms:


We know that no matter how hard the trekking trail is; you will always need a better place to rest/stay for the night at Everest Base Camp. Even though the tea house of EBC is not as luxury as a 5-star hotel, but you can find single and double bedrooms with essential furniture’s in it. Similarly, you will be provided with a clean bed sheet, pillowcases, rack, hot water, electricity, telephone, and clean food in the tea houses.

Now, you may ask; Tea houses and lodges are the same so why to call it tea house instead of lodges?

Yes, the services are the same as lodges but it’s the history that tells “What’s tea house?” and why people call it tea houses.

Best tips while staying at Tea house during Everest Base Camp trek:

When staying at tea houses or any place during Everest Base Camp trek, there are numerous things you should know. Like, if you have any kinds of food allergies, sensitivities, then provide all the details to your guide. Since the guide will bring the meals according to your desires at the right time. That is the reason for taking a “Nepali Guide & Porter” with you.

Similarly, most of the tea houses located in high elevation at 4,000m upward has a latrine or a wooden cabin with a pit. It may be located a long way from tea houses too.

You may feel awkward about it however I previously mentioned earlier that this is above 3,000m to 4,000m above. Along these lines, providing all kinds of facilities is very difficult here and there is no other option for us.

However, what you can do is maintain your hygiene while staying in tea houses. We recommend you to take toilet papers as well as sanitizers with you when trekking to Everest Base Camp.

Alternatives: Camping in Everest Base Camp


Well, Camping in EBC is the only alternative for staying in Everest Base Camp yet it is not fundamental. Due to the easy availability of Tea houses in EBC, there is no need to do outdoor camping. Outdoor camping in EBC is mostly done by the expedition team.

However, outdoor camping during the EBC trek is an amazing experience to do. Similarly, you have to prepare your own food when doing camping in EBC.

EBC Accommodations in trails:

Now, let’s describe the accommodations in EBC according to the places you will stay in. Whereas, there are different itineraries for Everest Base Camp you can get. But the following accommodation plans are based according to 14 Days itinerary for Everest Base Camp trek:

Lukla Tea house:

You will reach Lukla on the 3rd day after your arrival in Nepal. It is also known as the gateway for an expedition to Mt. Everest as well as trekking in Everest Base Camp. To reach Lukla, it will take a minimum of 25-30minute flight from Kathmandu.

Now, after your arrival in Lukla, you have to trek to Phakding around 3 hours. After reaching there, you will have plenty of choices to stay in tea houses. However, the prices differ as per luxury rooms and moderate rooms available here. Moderate rooms are also well maintained here i.e. you can get a room with attached bathrooms, well-furnished rooms, and so on.

Likewise, both luxury and moderate type of tea houses here is excellent. You can get large varieties of food choices in Lukla.

Accommodation Price in Lukla: Minimum $5 to $175

Namche Bazar Tea house:


Namche Bazar is like the main city of Sherpa’s in the Khumbu region. This place is well known for its high-quality tea houses, markets, restaurants, cafes, and various budget places.

Moreover, the best 5-star Everest View Hotel is also located in Namche Bazar. Everest View Hotel is famous for it’s an astounding closer view of MT. Everest, and it’s luxury services. You can directly go to the Everest View Hotel by Heli-ride also.

Accommodation Price in Namche Bazar: $5 to $175

Tengboche Tea House:


Tengboche is well known for its oldest monasteries established in the Khumbu region. While staying in the Tengboche tea house, you can attend the morning prayers in the monastery. Also, believe me, listening to the chantings of Buddhists in the morning will enchant you with new vibes and peaceful thoughts.

Similarly, the Tengboche tea house offers basic foods and moderate services. This place also has well-maintained rooms but not as rooms like Namche Bazar. You may find some rooms with attach bathrooms also. So, basically, the tea houses of Tengboche is a moderate type with basic services.

Dingboche Tea Houses:


Dingboche lies in an altitude of 4,400m where there is a limited number of tea houses. At the time of peak season, finding rooms can be hard in this place. However, at some tea houses, you can find some rooms with attach-rooms and essential furniture’s also.  Similarly, all the tea houses in this area provide basic types of services.

Accommodation Price in Dingboche:

Lobuche Tea Houses:


The more you climb upward, the more you may discover the limited number of tea houses to stay during Everest Base Camp trek. Moreover, Lobuche is in the elevation of 4,910m where you will get basic sorts of tea houses only. That is the reason why you can anticipate fundamental sorts of services here.

The rooms in this area are structured very simply and you may not find attach bathrooms here. Also, the Lobuche tea house will provide you with a clean bed only. If lucky, you may get the woolen blanket when sleeping.

Accommodation Price in Lobuche:

Gorak Shep Tea Houses:


Gorak Shep is the last destination where you will stay before going to Everest Base Camp. This place is at the elevation of 5,180m where you will see only four tea houses. When trekking to Everest Base Camp, all travelers will stay in this area so it will be really crowded. However, at the end of the Autumn seasons, you can find rooms easily in this place. Or, you have to hurry to book the room on time.

The tea house in Gorak Shep provides very simple rooms. Foods in this area are also very simple. So, don’t forget the tips I mentioned to you at the top.

Accommodation Price in Gorak Shep:

Last Tips for staying during Everest Base Camp trek:

Finally, the last tip while staying during the Everest Base Camp is to talk with your tour operator beforehand.

Yes, you may not find it an essential part but it’s very important to discuss the accommodation with your tour operator.


Everest Base Camp is the place where you can’t trek without taking a guide with you. And tour operator is responsible for providing you with the best guide. And guide takes the whole responsibilities to provide you with rooms during the trek.

If you want a decent room and don’t want to spend your night in the dining hall then the guide is an important individual. Therefore, before going to Everest Base Camp, do some inquiry about the guide and ask various things to the tour operator. Ask for present weather in Everest Base Camp, and flight details.

At last, don’t think about “Where to stay at Everest Base Camp?”, instead ask yourself “How can you stay at Everest Base Camp tea houses?”. Likewise, feel free to do inquiry with Pristine Nepal Treks & Expedition for a better experience.

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