Cost of Everest Base Camp trek:


Everest Base Camp being a popular trek is not as expensive as others say. Even though there’s flight expenses, food expenses, lodges expenses, guide expenses and many more which you have to pay, it is indeed an affordable trek. Similarly, the main thing that affects the cost of the EBC trek is the itinerary. Anyway, in this article, you will get all the details about the cost of Everest Base Camp trek.

Here is the list of expenses/cost that you will be spending for Everest Base Camp trek:

1. National Park Permit for EBC:

Sagarmatha National Park permits fee allows you to pass over the national property of Nepal where NPS (National Park Service) utilizes the money for conserving wildlife, scenery and historical things. The Sagarmatha National Park permit fee is only NPR 3000 ($30).

2. Rural Municipality entrance fee cost:

The rural Municipality entrance fee is utilized for security and staying in the Khumbu region. It is also the main source of the Khumbu region which is utilized for maintaining historical places. They also maintain security in the area as well as adding more facilities. As for the rural municipality entrance fee, it only cost NPR 2000 ($20).

3. Flight Cost to Lukla from Kathmandu/Ramechhap:

There are no other routes to reach Lukla than from flight. If you go through roads then it will take a couple of days. That is why taking a flight is the best alternative way to reach Lukla. And, the cost for Lukla flight is only $179 for one way so two-way flight cost is around $360.

Similarly, if there is high traffic in Kathmandu domestic airport then you have to take a flight from Ramechhap. But don’t worry because it will cost you the same amount as Lukla flight.

4. Accommodation cost during Everest Base Camp trek:

Accommodation in Everest Base Camp is categorized from moderate to luxurious. From a low price as $5 to a maximum of $200; accommodation is available in Everest Base Camp. If you want a luxury room then you will be paying high prices during your trek like $150-$200 per night. Whereas, if you want a clean bed with normal food then you can go for the cheap one. Likewise, the accommodation cost during Everest Base Camp trek can be changed annually but we will keep on updating.

5. Meals cost during Everest Base Camp trekking=$5 to $30 per meal

Yup, the cost of foods varies according to the hotel/lodges you have booked during your trek as well as the food items. If you are trekking through the agencies of Nepal then you will have to eat what they provide including 3 meals per day. But if you are a solo traveler or taking Bed & Breakfast trek then it’s your choice what to eat in your meal.

Therefore, the cost of a decent meal at Everest Base Camp will cost you $10-$20 and $5 dollars for the cheap one. But, as for the best meal during your EBC trek, it will cost you $30 at luxury hotels. Whereas, hot drinks are very expensive in this region. NPR 100-300 ($1-$2) will be charged for a cup of hot drinks. Hot drinks mean black tea/coffee, milk tea/coffee, hot lemon with ginger honey, etc.

6. Guide cost during Everest Base Camp Trek:

Guides are the main person to make your trip a memorable one. They are also responsible for giving you information as well as clearing your confusion. With a good guide in your team, you can always get to learn new things, enjoyment and lots of information. Nowadays, there are two types of guides you can hire:

a. Trekking Guide for EBC ($25 to $40 per day):

Trekking Guide is considered as a normal guide who will show you the routes for your destination. They are on the mid-level but not like an expert guide. Similarly, they will have basic information about the destination and they are also very talented. Trekking guides are mostly young people and always have new methods to make your trip fun. Therefore, have them on your side and you won’t have a boring day.

As for the price, it varies according to the agencies you book your trek/trip as well as the experience they have. From our company, you will get an English speaking guide with a good sense of humor for Everest Base Camp trek.

b. Expert Guide for EBC Trek ($60 to $100 per day-Trek Leader)

Expert Guide or Leader guide is the most professional guides with lots of information. They are like a professor who has almost all the knowledge about the destination, atmosphere, etc.

And if you are really looking for some information about culture & tradition, geography, politics information, etc then hiring an expert guide is recommended. However, the expert guide for EBC trek can be a little costly but don’t worry they are the true professionals and if you got any trouble in your trek then they can solve it easily. They are also talented in surviving skills as well as forecasting weathers and that is why there’s no worry after having them.

7. Other minor costs of Everest Base Camp:


The listed price on the top is the cost of Everest Base Camp trek but there are some minor prices also which you will have to pay in Kathmandu. Such as airport pick up and drops, transportation cost to the domestic airport, hotels in Kathmandu, trekking guide and porter cost, guide’s flight cost, and others are the minor payments. Due to the changing prices of this minor cost, it is not listed. Likewise, the minor cost/expenses will be $4 to $10 so don’t worry about it.

Now what?

It’s in your hand now if you want to go trekking independent or with agencies? But I would recommend you to go with agencies because it’s “worth it”….trust me, you will provide a lot of jobs for guides, porters, drivers, restaurants, and many more. Here are some trending packages you can check as well as know “How to get Visa in Nepal” and the best price/cost of Short Everest Base Camp by Heli.

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