Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp trek


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General Information about Everest Base Camp trek

Everest Base Camp/EBC is the highest base camp which is located in the Khumbu region under Mt Everest. After the successful attempt in the summit of Mt Everest, EBC has started to become the main attraction for tourists. That is why (EBC) has become the popular trekking route in the world.

According to the Tourism Board of Nepal data, more than 30,000 tourists visit Everest Base Camp yearly and still increasing. So, if you also want to visit this beautiful place enriched with natures then you can look for local travel agencies in Nepal.

What is the height/elevation of Everest Base Camp?


From Nepal, you have to climb Everest Base Camp from south ridge following the Tenzing Sherpa & Edmund Hillary footstep. With a height of 17,600 ft, it is the world’s highest Base Camp located in Nepal. Your trek starts after the flight into Lukla (2,860m) to Everest Base Camp (5,380m).

It usually takes six to eight days to reach Everest Base Camp from Lukla and usually takes at least 14 days to complete this trek with proper acclimatization.

Which is the best season to trek in Everest Base Camp (EBC)?

Being the highest Base Camp in the world (5,380m), the summit is very cold at every season. However, it’s not the extreme cold you have to be aware of.

It’s the time you should be aware of i.e. where you can have quality time, the best time to see the beautiful mountains clearly, where you don’t have to encounter any rainfall or heavy snowfall.

MonthAverage TemperatureSeasonsWeathers
March 19-June 2015°C at Day and -10°C at nightSpring seasonWarm at day, clear sky.
June 21- Sep 2217°C at daytime & 5°C at nightSummer seasonToo much fog/mist. Slippery roads.
Sep 23- Dec 2120°C at day & -10°C at nightAutumn seasonDry winds, warm and clear sky
Dec 22- March 2015°C at day and -17°C at nightWinter seasonheavy snowfalls possibilities, extreme cold at night.

As you can see, the best weather where you will not get any heavy rainfalls, extreme coldness or any fog is autumn season and spring season.

In this two-season, you can have your best day because it will be warmer than the other seasons and the sky will be clear. Most of the people choose this season to trek because only in this season, most of the people get success to reach the top.

How hard is it to trek to Everest Base Camp?


First of all, trekking is not easy because you have to walk up & down while carrying some loads. Similarly, if you have no experience of hiking to high altitudes then it will be even hard for you. That is why this trekking can be effected according to your physical conditions.

Everest Base Camp trek can be categorized as medium to hard level whereas Kilimanjaro trek is considered very hard than this.

Similarly, lower altitude trek like Upper Dolpo trek, Mesokanto trek, Rolwaling trek and other is harder than Everest Base Camp.

However, there are people like 70 years old and 14 years old that have trekked this base camp. Therefore, it’s not about how hard is this trekking, it’s about what to do to complete this trekking.

If you want to know about fitness, age limit, some tips before coming to Nepal or more tips to complete this trek then check them.

Full guide to Everest Base Camp trek

Everybody plans their holiday before going to their destinations. They check everything, they make a booking and they take a flight. Later, they still forget something and that makes the whole trip a little unperfect.

That’s how it is with trekking also. If you miss something then it can make your trip a little boring. That is why this is about the complete guide to Everest Base Camp trek. So that when trekking in Nepal or Everest Base Camp, remember these things:

Before going to Nepal

Go for Health Check-up first


Your health conditions decide whether you are ready for a trekking to Everest Base Camp or not. Not only physically but also you have to be mentally prepared before trekking to EBC. And you can’t decide whether you are ready or not until you go for a check-up.

Your fat body or thin body won’t matter when trekking to EBC. It’s the stamina that you should have for trekking. Unless you don’t have any problem with your health, you are always ready to go for any travel or trek.

So, your first priority is to consult with your doctor before planning to trek in EBC. However, if you are physically fit, doing exercise every morning, doing yoga or play any sports then you won’t have a problem when trekking.

Physically and Mentally fitness is what you will need for trekking in EBC. And as for COPD, Strokes, Deep vein Thrombosis, recent surgeries or any infectious disease; you can’t travel at all. For other minor diseases/health problems like blood pressure or asthma, you can consult your doctor for trekking. Because there are peoples who have succeeded to climb Everest Base Camp even with those minor diseases.

Similarly, if you want to know about the age limit for Everest Base Camp or some other questions about fitness then go to our Blog. Here, you can find all the information you will need for a fitness topic.

Take Vaccinations & medicine

Before you arrive in Nepal, your first priority is to prevent all the diseases if possible. You have to take some important vaccinations like Rabies & Tetanus. As for other types of diseases like Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Meningitis, Polio, etc. you have to consult for your doctor.

Other small medkits will be provided to you from the tour operator. It will contain all the basic medicine and bandages to minimize health problems.

Pack some warm clothes & gears

Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp trek

Don’t think that putting some light warm clothes is ok. Yes, it will be warm at day time when trekking in Everest Base Camp. But at night it will be damn cold and if you didn’t bring warm clothes then it will be hell.

Therefore, packing some really warm & windproof jackets, caps, socks, trousers, sleeves, etc. is most important. Similarly, you can buy those warm clothes in Nepal also after consulting your guide or tour operator. But if you have time to do shopping then bring these clothes for Everest Base Camp trek:

For head

When trekking, your head becomes the sensitive part of your body that should be protected properly. Because it is opened all the time facing the rough weather or hot weather.

If the head is not kept warm then you can get sick very soon. Here’s what you need for you head when trekking to Everest Base Camp:

Woolen cap (Handmade cap) = Handmade woolen cap for both males & females is the most important thing that you have to bring. This woolen cap is best for protecting your head from cold as well as it covers your ear also.

Sunglass= Why to bring sunglasses? You may ask. But it’s not the normal sunglass you have to bring. Trekking sunglasses are specially made for outdoor activities. And when you trek to Everest Base Camp, the snow shines brightly which can affect your eyes. Therefore, sunglasses are important when trekking to Nepal.

Woolen Mask=It’s also important because you can’t breathe the cold air while trekking because it will make you tired soon. Inhaling cold air also can cause the common cold and this woolen mask also covers your ear which is the best.

For upper body
Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp trek

The upper body should be well covered because if it gets cold then your whole body will feel cold. Protecting your chest is the most important thing to be safe from getting sick. That is why you have to bring:

Lightweight long sleeve shirt= Baselayer is best for sweat reduction and absorbs all the moisture. It is best because it will feel like you are not sweating. It helps to make your body dry and keep you safe from cold.

Midweight Baselayer =Remember, this is for trekking where you will face up to -20°C temperature. To keep your body warm and dry, midweight base layer clothing can be very useful. It is breathable and very comfortable while trekking. Keeping your body warm is what you have to concern.

Waterproof Jacket=After wearing a midweight base layer, you can wear a waterproof jacket for more protection from cold. It also helps to reflect winds from entering your body which is most important.

Down Jacket= It is the most important upper body clothes to make your body fully warm. It reflects winds, water and keeps you warm. It also has a cap behind, so it’s a bonus point to make you warm in the head.

For Hands

There is a high chance of getting frostbite if you don’t keep your hands warm. You may not concern to keep your hands warm but it’s very important.

Most people always forget to bring gloves because they think that it is not necessary. Sometimes, they bring half cover gloves. But it’s very important to keep your hand warm. Frostbite means that you can lose your finger also.

Heavyweight gloves=These types of gloves are very thick and best. From inside, you will get warm whereas from outside it will be waterproof. These types of gloves will surely protect you from frostbite.

For Lower Body
Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp trek

While trekking, your lower body works more than your upper body. It means that your lower body gets more sweat than the upper body. That is why you should wear comfortable clothes in the lower body to minimize rashes.

Underwear= Both male & female should bring the underwear based on trekking clothes. The materials should be sweat reduction types and comfortable.

Midweight baselayer bottoms= This kind of base layer is very comfortable and keeps you warm without producing excessive sweat. The materials are very good and come for both men and for females.

Trekking trousers & Shorts= Trekking trousers are made of various types of nylon which makes it very strong. They are very durable even while walking on rough roads or hiking or trekking. These trekking trousers are very flexible which makes comfortable when stretching and walking. It also protects you from getting small injuries.

For Foot

You need to protect your foot, not only from cold but also from injuries. Because there’s no flat surface with paved roads while trekking to Everest Base Camp.

The ascent and descend from hills, rough roads with hard rocks, slippery surface due to snow, etc. will be there and you have to face it countless times. That is why you have to focus on safety for your feet.

Woolen Shocks=Hand made woolen shocks are best to keep your feet warm. Always bring extra pairs of shocks according to the trekking itinerary. These types of shocks also help to keep your feet dry and warm during the night.

Trekking boots=For the best result, always use full trekking boots which will protect your ankle. If you use short shoes then you might injure your ankle while trekking. And believe me, it’s worse when you get an injury in your ankle. Therefore, use full boots while trekking in Everest Base Camp

Note: All these materials/clothes should be based on trekking activity. You can find many best qualities in the market according to the company. So, choose wisely or you can ask the tour operator for help.

Sign your Travel Insurance before trekking


The next thing you need to do is to sign up for your travel insurance in your country or online. In Nepal, your tour operator will not provide your travel insurance. That is why you have to prepare this by yourself and should consider some important things because you are going to trek in the highest Base Camp.

While signing the travel insurance, please check if it covers the 6,000m below altitude or not. Similarly, check if it provides any helicopter evacuation or not also.

Most of the people don’t do travel insurance below 3,000m when traveling & trekking to Nepal. They think that there is no risk when trekking below 3,000m and don’t have to sign travel insurance.

However, not only in Nepal but also when traveling to any other country, you have to sign travel insurance. Even if it’s the low altitude, you have to sign travel insurance because there are many cases where accidents have occurred.

Signing the travel insurance will cover all the financial losses you encounter when traveling. There are different types of companies that will sign travel insurance that covers 6,000m altitude risk and evacuations. It is the most important thing you have to do before trekking in Everest Base Camp.

Check for World Nomads, Travelex insurance, JS insurance and other similar for 6,000m elevation insurance.

Choose the Travel Agency for Everest Base Camp Trek


Have you decided about how you will be going for trekking in EBC? The first thing that will come in your mind will be; through travel agencies.

But, do you know about that travel agency? Do you know that; will it be safe to go trekking from that company?

If it’s the recommended company through your friends or families then it’s ok. However, if you are choosing randomly then some tips can really help you.

Choosing the best agency can make your holiday memorable in a positive way. But if you land on a worse company then it will be memorable but in a negative way. That is why, when choosing the local agencies of Nepal, you have to follow these things:

Do some research about the Trekking Company

Research is what you need to do about the trekking agencies you are going to. And everybody will do it.

But, the most important thing to do research about agencies is their legal documents. You should know if they are legally established. Similarly, check if they are blacklisted agencies or not as well as their rules & regulations.

Do Inquiry

Before booking your holiday, do some inquiries, ask questions because it will give you much information.

Always don’t ask about money or discounts or other unrelated questions. Instead ask them what services will I get from you, why your agency is different from other agencies? and what can you guarantee?

Remember, you are using your precious holiday, which means that you should not take any risks. That is why ask everything you need from the tour operator. It is said that “Communication only can show how the other person character is?”.

Know who is the Guide

After doing some inquiries about the company, do some inquiries about the guide and porter also.

Always aim for the best guide when trekking in Nepal. Trust me, you don’t want to waste your money only by trekking without any information. Hiring a good guide will always take all the responsibilities to make your trip full of fun and memorable. They will give you a lot of information that you will need.

Similarly, you should know about the experience of the guide before choosing one. As for the porter, they will carry your load to ease your trip.

Read Reviews

Reviews will help to clear your mind to take action. Good reviews mean that you can trust these companies but don’t decide by reviews only also.

There are many cases of fake reviews on the internet of companies. That is why you need to be careful when reading the reviews also. Therefore, it’s a 50-50 chance to land on best agencies by reading reviews only.

All the mention above is the things that you should do before coming to Nepal.

After reaching Nepal?

Get your Nepal VISA

Like most countries, Nepal also provides visas on arrival. It means that you only have to bring cash and pay according to your stay.

15 Days = 25 USD
30 Days = 40 USD
90 Days = 100 USD
There is no longer a picture required as there are now computer kiosks that will take a picture of you digitally.

After giving some additional data of yours, you will be ready to go. You can have a cab at the International airport or your tour operator will come to pick you up.

Meet the tour operator

Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp trek

After reaching your Hotel meet the tour operator and have some conversation about the trekking. Get to know each other and have some information from them. Meet the guide if possible or go for exploration in your area.

Go from Kathmandu to Lukla

Well, it sounds weird but the flight is actually booked by agencies, not you. So, how it’s helpful; you may ask?

The reason you have to know this is that you have to make your booking ASAP so that your flight will be from Kathmandu to Lukla.

There are two ways to reach Lukla i.e. from Ramechhap; where you have to take a vehicle from Kathmandu to reach Ramechhap airport. From there, you will have a Lukla flight. Even if the price is the same for both processes, the time is a little different.

That is why you should tell your tour operator to book the flight ASAP so that you can have a short time to reach Lukla.

Take these supplies with you

There are two things you must take when trekking to Everest Base Camp. The first thing is the medkit Box. Inside the medkit box these two medicines are the important things you have to carry:

Fever Medicines

Due to the high altitude, while trekking, fever can be a common health problem for travelers. Without treatment, it can ruin your adventure and that is why you should take some fever medicines with you while trekking.

If the fever doesn’t decrease or cured within 5 days then it can be a paratyphoid fever which is the rare cases while trekking. If you suffered from typhoid then you can take azithromycin (500mg once per day) until you get medical care or hospitalization.

Diarrhea medicine

When trekking in Nepal, you have to face a sudden change in your food consumption and atmosphere. The taste of food and water changes whereas you can get food poisoning or diarrhea if your digestion gets weak.

Therefore, taking some medicine regarding stomach problems might help you while trekking in Nepal. Likewise, we recommend you to drink clean water or boiled water and clean foods. Using some water purifying tools in your water bottle can also decrease the chance of getting sick.

As for other types of diseases or physical conditions, you have to consult your doctor first or you can ask our team for the best results.

The next thing you have to bring are tools, which are listed below

-Sunscreens=To protect from UV rays.

-Cold cream=Use at night for protecting your skin.

-Handkerchief=Use it to wipe your sweat when trekking.

-Personal Towels=Bring your own personal towels for cleaning purposes.

-Insect Repel cream= Best for protecting you from a mosquito or other bugs.

-Sanitizer= It’s the best method to clean your hands and to be free from germs.

-Water Bottle= It’s the important thing you will need at your whole trek.

-Water Filter=Tools like steripen is best for filtering your water bottle.

-Eye drops=Just in case if your eyes get itchy or pain then it can help you.

-Chargers and Camera=You need to capture some beautiful photos as well as you need a charger.

Some important FAQ


Here are some important FAQs that most people ask before trekking.

What kind of Accommodations are there?

Basically, your trekking starts from Lukla (2,800m) which is very higher than Kathmandu. Even due to the geographical structure, there are many luxury hotels up to Namche Bazar with banking services, security, cafes, and restaurants.

However, after crossing Namche Bazar, you will find only normal hotels with good services. And all the hotels/lodges there will have electricity as well as wifi.

There, you can find rooms with attach bathrooms also. You will get a clean bed, clean food, and good services from all these hotels. Similarly, when reaching Syangboche, you can rest at the luxury hotel. If you want to know what kind of accommodations you will get then check our blog here.

What kind of food will I get?

First of all, the Nepali food will always be unique to your taste. It will be different from what you get in your place. Therefore, all the food will be delicious for you at Everest Base Camp.

After reaching Lukla your meals will be changed as well as the taste. The normal food you will get there is rice and daal (pulses) at every hotel/lodges. Similarly, you will get delicious curry with your meals which will be meat or veg.

You can eat Yak meat in Everest Base Camp hotels/lodges. There will be mo: mo (dumplings), pizza, dairy products, and others for meals also.

Likewise, you can choose Nepali, Indian, Chinese and continental meals.

Trekking Map for Everest Base Camp

Here is the trekking map of Everest Base Camp where you will start your actual trekking from Lukla.


Important things for Everest Base Camp trek

There are many things that you have to be alert of i.e. AMS cure, slippery rocks, yaks caravans, suspension bridge, etc. And to know about, how to tackle abut it, click “best tips for Everest Base Camp trek”.

Likewise, if you have any questions or doubt then feel free to contact us any time on Likewise, if you have any information more than this about “Full guide to Everest Base Camp trek” then share your views in comment.

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